Monday, August 9, 2010

Snack Taxi Review

I am trying much harder lately to be Earth conscious, and stop wasting so much.

The amount of trash coming out of this house is ridiculous! We go through a box of snack size Ziplocs in like a week!

So, I was super excited when my two adorable Snack Taxi's came to review!!!

Do you know about Snack Taxis? They are reusable bags for snacks or sandwiches. You use them just as you would a regular Ziploc bag.

This is the most genius idea ever! I got two snack taxis to review, one small, and one large, and I absolutely love them! We've only had them a few days now, but I have used them so much!

The prints I got were so cute! One is brown and blue circles, and matches the Bean's diaper bag perfectly! The other is black with lots of little owls all over it. L-O-V-E them! (Will try to post pics in the AM, but my camera is having a breakdown at the moment)

Here are some of the other prints they have to choose from, but there are tons more than this(they add new fabrics every month):Those are just a few of my favorites! I was very impressed with how well made the Snack Taxis were, they are super quality. And they even arrived tied with a little bow, like someone actually gives a crap that you bought them! It made me happy! :)

I am so lovin' these Snack Taxis. This is just one more thing to add to the list of wonderful products that my blog has helped introduce me to!

If you wanna be introduced to Snack Taxi's, and quit with all the plastic bags, just click here.


  1. Great review! Those are so cute, and what great designs.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your review - it was really helpful especially because I am on the lookout for products that are more environmentally friendly :)


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