Sunday, August 8, 2010

GONE Insect Repellent Band (Review)

I was so excited for the chance to review GONE Insect Repellent bands recently!!

The bugs around here are awful, ever-present, and love to eat me and my babies.

I hate using bug spray on me, and especially them, so I am always looking for alternatives.

So, I was incredibly pumped when I found the GONE insect repellent band.

You just hook these nifty little bands to your wrist, ankle, stroller, whatever, and you're good to go.

What's so special about the GONE band, you wanna know? Get this. It's all-natural. For real. The vapors inside the plastic band are made up of 100% Natural essential oils, such as peppermint, and lavender.

No chemicals like in regular bug sprays, No DEET, none of that. Just natural essential oils.

The GONE band continues to work even when it is wet. I'm serious, we wore it in the pool, and all was good :)

I think my favorite part about the GONE band is that it lasts up to 120 hours. Each band! How do you save the band for future use, you're asking??? Easy.. It comes with a resealable pouch to put the band back in when it's not in use! Awesome idea!

The super sweet people at GONE, sent us 8 (EIGHT!!!) GONE insect bands to try. I was so excited to use them. We snapped one right on the Bean's stroller and went for a walk down the road by our house, which is pretty much in the woods. Success! No buggies!

Then, I wanted to test out the water proof claim. I wore a band on my wrist while we went swimming, and only one tiny bug bite, on my other hand. Impressive, considering they usually eat me alive while I'm in the pool.

I also gave a band to my brother in law, for an "in the field" test. :) He is the greens-keeper at a local golf course, and he's there, mowing, watering, etc.. both early in the morning and late in the evening.. He says the GONE band passed with flying colors!! The only thing he didn't like was it's strong "minty-ish smell", but we all agreed the smell is a million times better than citronella. :)

I am very impressed with the GONE band, and will continue to use, as well as recommend it in the future.

If you wanna check out the GONE band for yourself, or order one, go here.

Thanks GONE band for keeping us bug free!!! :)

teeeeeeny little disclosure: I was provided with several GONE bands for this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Thanks for reading my little tiny disclosure. :)

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