Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Review: The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

I recently got the opportunity to review "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven", by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. The story is such an inspiring & uplifting one. It is the story of an oridnary family who has come through some extraordinary and extremely difficult struggles. It is the true story of the Malarkey family, whose lives were turned upside down after son Alex, was badly injured during an auto accident. Kevin is Alex's father, and he was driving during the accident.

The book chronicles their journey after the accident up to present day. In the book, Alex tells about his amazing journey, and he is such an inspiring young man. This story really touched my heart, and I really enjoyed reading about this family recovering and coming together. I don't want to give away too much, but this is a wonderful read.
If you would like to learn more about Alex and his story, click here.

Disclosure: I received a book to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. all opinions are mine.


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