Friday, July 30, 2010

Yeah. So About That Zumba.

So I went to Zumba on Thursday, and I haven't posted about it yet. Because I am embarrassed.

Dammit, it was fun. I had a great time. I really liked it. Maybe even loved it.


I only felt like an idiot for a few minutes, and after that it was fine!

Plus the 2 hours away from my kids was like heaven!

Maybe one day I will learn not to be so pessimistic about things I haven't even tried.

Yeah right. :)

So that's the Zumba update. And I think I'm going back next week. :)


  1. I took a belly dancing class and felt like a complete idiot for the fist class...after that, I figured wth and decided that the instructor was a little strange and it was ok if I was a belly dancing 'super star' {not really, but it didn't matter} I ended up loving the class.

  2. I was taking Zumba for a while, I'll probably go back to it soon. I couldn't do it while I was pregnant, but now that I'm past the 6 week mark I need to check in to how much classes cost without a gym membership.

    Anyhow, I'm glad you had fun! I think it's a blast, I just watch the instructor and try to avoid seeing myself in the mirror doing the moves because that's just embarrassing.

  3. That's too funny that you ended up having a great time! I have never tried Zumba but I have a friend who really loves it, so why the heck not?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great week!

  4. I've been wanting to try this but was afraid I'd look ridiculous. Glad to see there's hope for me yet!

  5. hi thank you for following my blog. Following you back =)


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