Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Online School Solutions

Did you know that there is online schooling for middle/high school students? I wish I would have been involved in something like this when I was in school! I had no idea that anything like this even existed, until I came across This is a novel idea, and I really do believe it could be a good alternative to regular school for some kids. School, middle school especially, is such a trying time, and there are so many distractions for kids these days. Bullying, drugs, sex, gossip, boredom. I know what it was like when I was in school, and there really wasn't much concentrating on schoolwork going on, not with all the "outside influences" everywhere.

Students enrolled in online school are able to choose their own schedules and have up to 12 months to complete their courses. I am sure this would have enabled me to finish my coursework much faster than what I did in traditional school. The Keystone School is the online school that services Kentucky folks.

You can enroll online and earn your regular high school diploma, or you can use it as a supplement to homeschooling. The tuition can be pricey, with a full year of high school ranging from $1350-$2400, but I can see where this would be a viable option for some families. They also have a payment plan where you can pay 25% down and then make monthly payments on the remainder.

I can see how online school could be a good alternative in some situations. For example, teen mothers might find this helpful to be able to finish their high school education without having to leave home, and ending up with a high school diploma as opposed to a GED. But, there would definitely be the money issue, that much money is hard to come by for most people that I know. The online school solutions website talks a little bit about online public school, which is tuition free, and follows a traditional school year, but I couldn't find much additional information about it on their website. I clicked a few different states, and saw that Texas does offer the tuition free public school. Hopefully, more states will jump onboard with this in the future.

Here are some very interesting survey results from Aventa Learning in favor of online schooling:

  • 72% of online students spend three or more hours on homework per week vs. 56% of students in traditional schooling.
  • 54% of online students get more challenges when they are doing well in school vs. 49% of students in traditional schooling.
  • 58% of online students get more help when they fall behind vs. 40% of students in traditional schooling.
  • Online students have more interest in attending a four year college after graduation than students in traditional schooling. 78% vs. 67%
I love the idea and concept of online schooling for middle and high schoolers, and I hope that it becomes more mainstream and affordable in the future. I think it could potentially help a lot of kids achieve more than what they would otherwise.

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*disclosure: this review was written in connection with MomSelect, and I was provided with a gift card for this review. I have never used this program, so I can not offer personal experience, I am just reviewing the content of the website.

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