Tuesday, October 29, 2019

5 Incredible Family-Friendly Places To Visit In California

California is a state that has plenty to offer visiting families, and we’ve highlighted eight of the best
places to visit below… 

#1 - Disneyland 

It would be impossible to discuss the family-friendly experiences in CA without discussing by far the
most well-known of all: Disneyland, which is located in Anaheim. A must-visit for families with young
children who have been enchanted by the magic of Disney, you can read through this
#1 guide to buying tickets to the park and then plan your trip, taking the opportunity to experience
incredible rides such as the Millennium Falcon, Hyperspace Mountain, and the
Pirates of the Caribbean and the many excellent onsite eateries. 

#2- Griffith Observatory 

The Griffith Observatory offers fantastic views over Los Angeles, so it’s well worth visiting just to see
these - and explore the fantastic on-site cafe - alone. Lengthen your stay, however, and you’ll have the
chance to visit the fantastic planetarium and then explore the incredible exhibits that are designed to
deepen understanding of various aspects of the cosmos. Finally, you can also use the Observatory as
the starting point for a hike along the Mount Hollywood Trail, which concludes at the famous
Hollywood sign, if you wish.

#3 -La Jolla Cove

The atmosphere at La Jolla Cove is most frequently described as “serene”, and the area is particularly
popular with families who want to spend time in the water swimming, snorkelling, or even scuba
diving. The tide pools are especially enchanting, visiting the caves is an experience you’ll never forget,
and you’ll even have the chance to spot a few sea lions during your time in the area. As well as the
natural sights and their wonders, the surrounding area also offers shops, restaurants, and everything
else you could possibly need to ensure a fantastic day out by the sea.

#4 - Calico Ghost Town

A drop in the value of silver in the late 19th century signaled the end for Calico, with the town soon
becoming a ghost town. In the 21st century, the town has come back to life as a favorite for tourists.
Located in the picturesque Calico Mountains of the Mojave Desert, the area makes for a truly incredible
day out: you and your family can explore the museums and history of the site, relax in the restaurants,
take a mine tour, and admire the stunning natural surroundings. 

 #5 - Santa Monica Pier 

Santa Monica Pier has been a family favourite for over a century, and remains a must-visit for any
families who are visiting California and happen to be in the area. A day at the Pier offers incredible
variety; you can ride the world's only solar powered Ferris wheel admire the views over the ocean,
learn more about the history of the pier at the Visitor Center, and even go fishing - the options are
endless, and you'll be sure everyone will have a genuinely fantastic day as a result.

If you choose to visit any of the above during a family vacation to California, then you’re sure to be in for
a treat - enjoy! 

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