Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What You Should Teach Your Kids Before They Move Out

Don’t worry, you’re thinking, the kids are still young and have a long way to before they fly the coop.
In fact, sometimes you wish they were older so you didn’t have to put up with their crap! And, while
they are well before the moving out age, the truth is that the time flies. Before long, you’ll be waving
them off as they drive to college or helping them move in with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. As their mom,
you must make sure they know a few basic things before they go out into the world. Here are the four
most important ones.

How To Budget

People make mistakes, yet some are too big to recover from especially when money is involved.
One credit card can ruin their score for their entire life, and that will stop them from taking out a
mortgage or borrowing money in a tight spot. Budgeting is essential as it helps them to avoid
unnecessary debts and stay in the black. As well as teaching them how to create a basic budget,
you should show them how to manage money. For example, they can use a 0% credit card and pay
it off later or transfer the balance.

How To Live

Kids are used to their parents doing all the heavy lifting. From cooking to doing the laundry, moms
are the usually the ones who pick the short straw. While it’s cute at an early age, there comes a time
when children need to be house trained. Firstly, they won’t be able to live an uncluttered life if they
aren’t, and this can transfer into other areas of their lives. Secondly, they’ll never keep a partner long
enough to get married and have kids! So, get them to share the burden by tidying their room and
washing the dishes.

How To Reciprocate

You spent the majority of your adult life taking care of them; now it’s their turn. Okay, the day hasn’t
come yet because you’re still able-bodied and not ready to ride the bench any time soon. However,
there will come a time when senior care services are on the table – there is no beating Mother Time.
Kids need to take the lead and either care for you themselves or help you decide on a care home. By
taking control of the admin, you don’t have to worry about unscrupulous people trying to pull the wool
over your eyes.

How To Help The Planet

Earth isn’t indestructible. The way humanity is going, it won’t be around much longer and that’s
frightening. Not only will your kids suffer, but so will your great-grandchildren and their grandchildren.
You want them to be able to pass down your teachings, which is why they need to know the basics
of saving the planet. From recycling to upcycling old materials and furniture, there are plenty of
options. And, you don’t have to turn into a conservationist warrior to do your bit of Mother Nature.

Out of the above, how many have you taught your kids?

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