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A Guide For All You Struggling Parents

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, we just don’t think parenting gets any easier.
You still have so much to deal with that you didn’t have when you were living your free life.
You would have been able to go wherever you wanted, do whatever you wanted, and not really
have a care in the world aside from money maybe. When you look back on it, the life problems
us parents had pre children were feeble compared to what they are now, and sometimes you
might even wish that you could go back to the problems you once used to have. But we might
have made parenting sound like a bit of a nightmare by saying all of the things that we have so
far… but it actually is. It’s a nightmare that you love to live in, because the children you’re raising
just mean absolutely everything to you. They bring so much joy into your life that you just
couldn’t find from your previous lifestyle. It’s like you had this empty void all along, and now it’s
filled one with big bundle of joy that just keeps on growing. It’s one of the reasons why people
have more than one children, because the happiness they felt from holiday their first newborn
in their arms was just too much to cope with. So, we want to try and reduce all of the stress you
might be feeling when you’re struggling, and allow you to focus your feelings more on this
happiness that you get from your children!

The Specifics Of Parenting

Now this is where we feel people struggle the most, because the specifics of parenting and how to
go about them is something that people disagree on from time to time. Everyone has their own
parenting style that they like to stick by, which is completely fine, because one style really might
not work for one child, but it could for another. But there are some baseline rules of parenting
that we think everyone should be following, and the first is to make sure you have a strong
family unit. So many families now are split multiple different ways, and you’ll often find that the
child is passed from pillar to post with no real structure, or no family unity. If you are split up
with your partner, which is totally find, we really do think you should find a way of being able
to co parent and still do things together, as a family. It’s so important for your child's mental
development to be surrounded by parents who get on, even if they’re not longer together!
Another specific of parenting is how you treat your child. You have to be that super engaging
parent who is interested in everything, even on those days where you wish nothing more that
you could just sit on the sofa and ignore them for the day. Playing, taking them out, talking to
them and just building that bond that’s going to be so important when they get older. You often
find that parents who didn’t really interact with their children don’t really have a strong bond
when they get into their teenage years, which are some of the most important years!

Those Newborn Worries

Whether it be your first newborn, or your last, you’re never going to be able to get rid of those
newborn worries. They’ll still cross your mind, because at the end of the day the little newborn
in front of you is the most precious thing in the world. They’re so small, they look so delicate,
and to you, the slightest knock could break them. It’s safe to say that after your first however,
you do realise that they’re not as breakable as they look, and it does become easier to control
your worries around them. But there are some unspoken worries that we think we need to clear
up. The first is transporting your little one from one place to another. It’s fine to put them in a
car seat, as long as the car seat you have is super modern and safe. If you have a look at links
such as this,, you’ll find a
car seat that might suit you. If not, you won’t be short of any on the internet, you just have to do
some digging. But we will say that keeping them in a car seat for longer than 30 minutes without
getting them out can be dangerous. The position they’re sitting in is not natural for them, so
getting them out of the seat for a little stretch after every 30 minutes is essential. The other
worry we want to clear up, is the sicky baby worries. So many babies now are being branded
with a milk intolerance, when in fact it’s nothing of the sort. If your baby throws up a little after
feeds, it’s completely normal. Their bodies are reacting to the large volume of fluid they’re had,
and it could just be that they’re having too much. If it’s getting to the point where they’re having
really heavy, dirty, and smelly nappies, and seem to cry out in pain with their back arched after
a feed, it could be a milk intolerance that needs to be sorted. But for the most part, you really
don’t need to wrap your newborn up in cotton wool, you just need to be able to enjoy everything
about them!

Coping With Your Body Changes

When your body starts to change, panic kicks in. From the moment you make that little baby
inside of you, before it even turns into anything that resembles a human, your body is going to
begin to change in the form of hormones. All of these hormones that your body has never had
to deal with in such large volumes come rushing through. This equals anger, sadness, and a
mix of crazy. Well, that’s what your partner might like to say, but it really does make you feel like
you’re going crazy when you can’t control your emotions! But that is just the beginning, and
anyone reading this who has already gone through the 9 month process will know that to be
true. Your boobs will change, your feet will swell, your back will become stiff, your smell will
increase… you might actually feel like you have super powers. But to manage all of these changes
that you’re feeling, talk to people! Going to expecting moms groups, and talk about how you’re
feeling and changing, and you’ll be swamped with advice on what to do. But most importantly,
just look after yourself. Take some time to relax, eat well, do some light walking, and reduce all
stress in your life. You’ll enjoy pregnancy more if you adopt a much more relaxed approach to
life! If you feel like anything is going seriously wrong with your body, you know that you can go
and talk to a doctor straight away! Things like reduced movements of the baby should always
be checked out!

When They Start To Grow Up

Some say that when kids start to grow up, this is where the real fun happens. Whilst they’re
newborns and really young, the only enjoyment you’re going to get out of them is the enjoyment
of looking at them, and being around them. But as they get over the five years old mark, they
start understanding so much more, and are able to do so much more. It’s so much fun to be
around them, show them the world, and teach them all of the skills that they can take on into
adult life. The bond you build here is the strongest. They will still come to you for everything, yet
will have their own indepence that you should try and support them with. But as they get older
and into the teenage years, this is where you really have to start putting in the work. They will
rebel, they will start to hate you because of all of the anger tha confusion they’re feeling, thanks
to those pesky hormones. Staying close them during this time is so so important. So many
parents lose that bond when their children start to rebel, and it’s so hard to get back!

Coping With Your Emotions

Your emotions as a parent are going to change as the years go on, but they’re still going to be
hard to deal with. As we said, it’s so hard to control what’s happening in your life when you
have another life to think of, and it can create such problems to you as time goes on. But if you
ever feel like you’re having a down day, it’s important to remember that it’s normal. You have
everything going on in your life, and everything something can just get on top of you. Our top
tip is to make sure you’re talking to the people around you, and getting comfort from people
who might be in the same situation as you. Life as a parent is always going to be hard, so having
that support network around you is vital.

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