Thursday, January 31, 2019

Breaking Down The Myth of "Women" Drivers

It's amazing that so many modern folks have such a stereotypical perception of women. Case in point
: so-called “women” drivers. Why is this still a thing? We know the cliche by now, women drivers are
quick to panic, they can't drive, and every time they change the gear, it's an arduous task all in itself.
So let's get this out of the way of right now and dispel the myth that women are terrible drivers.

Maybe the question needs to change, if women are supposedly bad drivers, why does this make men
good drivers? While we're not at the point of obliterating gender from the history books just yet, this
disparity in skill is clearly a problem that has been exacerbated by time. As far as the statistics are
concerned in insurance, women drivers come out on top because they pay cheaper premiums.

In skill, a recent study entitled
Impact Of Gender, Organized Athletics, And Video Gaming On Driving Skills In Novice Drivers, the
outcome was that there was no difference in skill between male and female drivers. Gender has no
impact on the skill, but rather, it is the people who, according to this study, took part in organized
sports. It appears that self-confidence is the issue. And while it's the perception that women aren't
very good drivers, maybe lack of confidence is the reason behind this perception.

In the youth contingent, the prevailing issue is to do with modern distractions. If you consult any
accident attorney, the primary culprit of car accidents is always the same thing, distracted driving.
Use of cellphones behind the wheel, despite the increased policing, has resulted in numerous
accidents. While there's a lot to be said about the numerous distractions in modern cars, the
temptation to use the telephone is still a big concern. In the battle of male vs female, there is no one

Why is there such a negative perception of women as being poor drivers? Arguably, it is a stereotype
that has stayed the course. We can go back to confidence as being an issue. But the older anyone
gets, the less their confidence behind the wheel. This isn't specific to any gender.

The technicalities of cars may not be of interest to certain people, and as such, this doesn't result in
one sex being a bad driver, but this is more a reflection on the person. As the modern day vehicles
prove to be more complex and require mechanics to work in more specialized fields, the average
person is unable to fix general maintenance issues.

The myth that women drivers are bad doesn't work in the modern day. Bad drivers are merely
inexperienced ones. And while the female rally driver is still seen as a novelty, hopefully, this goes so
far as to pave the way for more women drivers that show that it's not to do with gender. Skill is the
prevailing factor every male-dominated arena. And, as numerous industries are actively looking to
hire more women, especially in the more stereotypically male areas, like manufacturing, let's hope
that now these myths can be broken down.

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