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Why You Should Plan A Family Camping Holiday

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Booking a fortnight, a week, a weekend or even a night away is a must do for all families. Most are
probably already on board with this idea, and as the cold nights draw in, are looking for the next
vacation to drown out the stresses and strains of daily life. From trying to balance work and family,
paying bills and grocery shopping, it seems like a never-ending cycle. If you don’t plan a holiday
away at some point you could burn out and what’s all the daily effort for anyway if you can’t take a
big step back to enjoy life and live in the moment.

For regulars and new holiday bookers, everyone has a standard of holiday they aim to book each
year or every few years. Whether it be staying with family in another town to keep costs low and mingle
with people you and the kids haven't seen for a while, or you might save up your dollars to go
somewhere fancy like the big apple. There’s usually a pattern and reason for the type of destination
you choose, and below are just some of the reasons and benefits of why you should break that rhythm
and try something that may be out of the ordinary, camping.

Camping Accommodation Has Evolved

Everything from tents to campervans has evolved to do one thing, make people more comfortable.
Some of you may prefer to rough it and stick with your rollout polyester sleeping bag, and that’s fine,
however, others may prefer to sleep in an enclosed space like an RV and have some creature
comforts and a flushing toilet within sheltered walking distance. Just to give you an idea of how many
different types of accommodation you can choose from, here are a few examples; recreational vehicle,
camper-van, hybrid trailer, tent or a yurt. These are just a few which stem off into different models,
shapes, and sizes. With a wide choice of accommodation to pick from you can also choose what
best fits your budget, which is essential because breaking the bank for a holiday isn’t worth it.
Once you’ve got the hang of all the different places you can lay your head after a day of relaxing
and/or activities, you may begin to steer towards your favorite. Whether it’s a Rockwood Roo or a
second-hand tent from craigslist, you go with what suits you, your living style and your budget.

It’s What You Make It

If you’ve stayed to read you’re probably even considering camping as an option and that’s great.
Everyone interprets what camping is to be different. If your Dad dragged you to the woods when you
were little to go fishing and sleep in a tent at night, this might be how you see camping, if the only
connection with camping is that which you've seen on TV, you probably imagine cooking smores
above the fire and star gazing. Some of these ideas are right for some people, but the best way to
camp is to tailor it to it you and the people you’re with and not follow another way that you think you
should be doing it. For instance, whether you want to park your trailer up at the side of the road by
a national park and awe at the view. Buy an inflatable bed to save sleeping on the hard ground
amongst the bugs. Or maybe you want to cook shrimp on the campfire instead of smores, well that’s
up to you, and it’s all apart of the fun.

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Family Bonding

The decision to go away is usually based on needing a break from your daily routine, but it also has
its benefits in helping you and your little ones form a stronger bond. Without the usual lug of homely
duties weighing you down, you get to spend more time with the kids, and your partner. Research
conducted by the Camping and Caravanning Club shows that out of all campers 93% said it made
them feel happier. To top this, 8 out of 10 people camping thought it brought them and their families
closers together. Perhaps camping could offer you more than your other usual holiday types, with
76% of kids camping being aware of more bonding time declaring their parents had more time to
give them hugs.

Stress Buster

Above all, camping does precisely what you need it to do and shifts away from the stress and strain
bearing your shoulders. Being amongst nature, in particular, helps you to breathe literally and
figuratively, with lots of fresh air proven to improve blood pressure and boost your immune system.
What’s more, on most camping sites there are usually outdoor activities at hand giving you and
your family the chance to stretch your legs and join in on the fun. If that doesn’t float your boat you
may just take a walk through the woods close by or a bike ride beside a lake, either way, the benefits
of exercising outdoors will ensure you and your family or due for a good night's rest. Being around
trees and plants of any kind is known to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety, and the effects haven't
gone unnoticed. The Camping and Caravanning club researched that the majority of children camping
can tell their parents were less stressed and 76% said their parents were less likely to shout and flip

The reasons above highlight how taking up camping as your next breakaway could improve your
mood, wellbeing, and health to make sure that your holiday does what all holidays should do, make
you feel re-energized and stronger to take on your home and work duties when you arrive back
home and to spend quality time with your family. The points above cover just a few of the benefits
of camping, there are other reasons such as; you can stay close to home if needed to save time
and money on traveling. You can take your pets with you along for the fun on your holiday, which
is especially handy if you have no one to house sit. Plus it beats having to spend an excessive
amount on flights to your usual holiday destinations and there will be no usual jet lag either. If you
have a car, all you need to do is pack a few essentials, a sleeping bag, and a tent, park up at a
campsite, and there you have it, you’re camping in nature, under the stars, bliss.

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