Monday, October 15, 2018

Best IQ Tests For Children: What You Need To Know

IQ tests can be of tremendous value to parents who feel that their kids may be gifted, and need to know how
best to help them harness these gifts to the fullest. It is no secret that our schooling system does gifted children
no justice. In the current education system, the "talented" or "gifted" label is only given to the students that are
traditionally "bright" and perform well in specific classes. However, several recent studies have shown that
there are many different ways a child can be gifted, and often times the truly gifted children may actually not be
good at "normal" schooling. This is where IQ tests come in.
Through the help of specialized IQ tests, it is now possible for parents to know exactly where their children fall
and what type of intelligence they have. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist and author of Frames
of Mind- The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, beautifully elaborates on the nine different types of intelligence
in his book. There is logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence and musical intelligence, which
are perhaps the most well-known types. There is also intra-personal intelligence, which is understanding the
self, feelings and wants; interpersonal intelligence, which is understanding other people's feelings and motives;
and existential intelligence, which allows you to tackle deep questions of life and death and their meanings.
There is also bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, which allows you to coordinate the mind and the body, spatial
intelligence; which allows you to visualize the world in 3D, and naturalist intelligence, which allows you to
understand the world, its living things, and to read nature.
As you can see, no one is good at everything. One child might be a math whiz while another may be "people
smart". All the different types of intelligence have their own associated strengths and weaknesses. The most
effective way of finding out exactly which areas your child is best at is by taking an IQ test. Only then can you
determine what areas you need to work on to ensure that they have everything they need to tackle life head-on
and win. The following is a detailed review of all the best IQ tests for children.
1. Kids IQ Test
This is one of the best online IQ tests specifically designed for kids. The Kids IQ Test is a remarkably high-quality
IQ test that you can take online at in the convenience of your home. It also goes a
step further and outlines a series of follow up steps that you can take to best develop your child's abilities. Since
children's brains have a high level of plasticity, the results of their IQ test can improve significantly with a little
effort and time.
The Kids IQ Test takes a unique approach to IQ testing. With no age limits and no time limits, the designers of
this test understand the underlying principles of child development. The age is not as important as the purpose
of the test. Why are you undertaking the test? Generally, IQ tests are perfect for determining what the child's
strengths and weaknesses are. Using this information can help you tailor their overall learning experience to
suit their needs.
2. MENSA IQ Test
MENSA is a celebrated high IQ professional organization based in Luxembourg. The Mensa IQ Test is one of the
most trusted and respected IQ tests anyone can take. It is however very expensive, and application and
selection processes are very lengthy and strict.
Luckily, there is a convenient alternative. They offer a sample online IQ test version on their website. It is called
the Mensa Workout, and it is a free test offered for the primary purpose of determining whether you can
potentially pass the actual Mensa IQ test and qualify for a Mensa membership. The test is a series of 30
questions that take 20 minutes to complete with no age restrictions and instant results.
This is a popular online IQ test. It is largely culture fair and unbiased and relies mostly on logical thinking to
determine one's general intelligence. The IQ tests at this website are great because they provide a precise
and personalized look at a child's abilities. Parents can then take appropriate actions based on these results
to create the best development path for their children, making sure that they maximize their individual
potentials. has no age limit, so anyone can attempt to answer their 39 questions within 40 minutes or less.
IQ test results are instant.
This is another popular online IQ test platform. However, the results are a little skewed in favor of native English
speakers. If English is not your first language, you may end up getting lower result figures. The tests on the site
try to quantify the child's ability to analyze new problems, identify patterns and determine cause and effect
relationships. In the end, this newfound knowledge helps place the child's position in relation to his or her
peers when it comes to scientific, technical and mathematical problems. This test is therefore good for
determination of potential mainstream education performance.

The test has no time limit. However, to make you answer as fast as you can, the overall duration you take to
answer the questions is factored into the final results. There are 38 questions to answer with no age
restrictions and instant results.

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