Monday, October 29, 2018

Does The Holiday Season Mean True Love?

I don't know about you guys, but it is hard for me to believe that Halloween is in just a few days! The holidays are quickly approaching, and soon, we will all be wrapped up in a whirlwind of trick or treaters, pumpkins, turkey and stuffing, Christmas lights, presents with sparkly bows, and New Year's toasts! Can you believe it? However, if you are single, the holiday season is not always the best one. Sometimes, single people can be a little bit down during the holiday season, but that is not needed to be the case! The holidays are a time of celebration, joy, and sometimes, true love! 

It's important to remember that true love usually comes for us when we least expect it. It can be a really exciting thing for love to come along and sweep us off our feet. Whether you are the type of person who has been actively looking for love on say, a tayside dating site, or if you are the type of person who wants true love to sneak up and surprise you, it's always a possibility! One of the hardest thing for single people to realize sometimes, is that love usually comes when you are least expecting it! You can actively seek love, if that is something you are into, but if not, that's okay! You don't have to seek out true love for it to come to you whenever it's time! 

It's no secret that there are tons of dating sites in tayside, but dating sites are not the only way to meet other singles. The best advice is to have an open mind, put yourself out there, and be open to meeting new people. Even if you don't find the love of your life, you never know when the next connection that you make might just be the one that introduces you to your soulmate. Whether you are interested in senior dating, dating for single parents, dating for divorced singles, dating for singles who love dogs, or football, or Harry Potter movies, the good news is that there are people out there who are interested in the same things that you are! You just have to know where to look for the right type of people that you want to attract into your life! 

When it comes to dating, keep an open mind! Attend all the holiday parties and events that you can, and open your mind and your heart to meeting new people and becoming involved in various events near you. Attend gatherings and activities that you might not normally attend, and remember, true love doesn't come looking for you, you have to get out there and grab it! Keep your head up, and your mind open and enjoy the holiday season that is coming up, whether it means true love is coming for you or not! It's still a time to enjoy nostalgia, family, friends, fun and happiness, and whether or not love is involved, it's still the most wonderful time of the year! 

3 Simple Ways To Survive Travel With Children

When you’re traveling with children, it’s natural that you’re going to be apprehensive. Because it can
be hard work. You know that you need to entertain your children, stop them from having a meltdown,
and try to keep them on some kind of regular routine. And as for the plane journey - well, that can set
stress off in you for weeks prior to it actually happening. But, mamas - it doesn’t have to be that way.
Let’s take a look at how it an be simple to travel with your kids.

1. Stay Calm

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are calm. If you are stressed out and panicking,
then your children will sense it. Instead, you will want to make sure that you are as calm as you can
be and that you’re confident this is going to go well. This can set the tone for everyone else.

2. Pack Well

But also pack the right things. Make sure that you have snacks and toys and screens so that your
children can be distracted on the flight.

3. Sleep Smart

And if you want to make sure that you’re all adjusting well when you reach the new time zone, then
you have to get smart with your sleep. You can arrange to have a flight at night so that your babies
actually sleep through it, but you may also want to consider sleep adjustments, as in the infographic

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tips For Budgeting For Changing Gas And Heating Oil Prices

Tips for Budgeting for Changing Gas and Heating Oil Prices

Whether you're driving to work, picking up your kids from soccer practice or simply staying warm in the winter,
your household needs heating oil and gasoline in order to keep running throughout the year.
Fuel is a necessary expense, so it's important to plan ahead and include it in your monthly budget. However,
many people find it difficult to estimate spending amidst fluctuating oil prices and usage.
In order to accurately predict spending in your budget, you need to know how much you'll have to pay for oil.
Even though oil prices change frequently, you can still incorporate fuel costs into your budget and even end up
saving money. Here are three tips you can use to budget for gas and heating oil.
    1. 1. Know What Causes Price Shifts

Many factors cause fluctuations in oil prices. When you understand how these factors influence what you pay at
the pump, you can budget better and take steps to save money when possible.
Oil is a commodity, which means that oil prices vary depending on supply and demand. When supply is high
and demand is low, consumers pay less. Conversely, when supply is low and demand high, consumers end up
paying more. In other words, the more people want oil and the less of it there is, the more you'll end up
shelling out.
Some factors that influence oil price, like politics and natural disasters, are mostly out of your control. However,
you can plan for more predictable price shifts. For example, if you're buying heating oil in the winter, you'll need
to budget more money, since prices typically rise as more people need oil to keep their homes warm.
Consider what factors you can plan for and incorporate your new knowledge into your budget estimates.

    1. 2. Calculate Your Gas Usage

Aside from estimating the price of oil, when making your monthly budget, you'll also need to estimate how much
oil you and your family use. If you haven't been tracking your usage already, now's a good time to start.
To calculate how much gasoline you use in a month, you need to know your vehicle's gas mileage and about
how far you drive. From there, you can figure out about how many gallons of gas you'll need each month. When
considering how much you drive, remember to factor in not only your commute to work or school but also trips
to the grocery store, movie theater, doctor's office and any other places you'll likely need to visit.
When you see how much you spend driving back and forth every day, you might feel inspired to plan travel
routes more efficiently, which can help you save a significant amount of money.
    1. 3. Consider a Budget Payment Plan for Heating Oil

Most people don't need to use heating oil in their houses the whole year through. Instead, most homes only
require heating oil in the fall and winter when temperatures drop. In the summer, you likely won't need to buy
heating oil. Unfortunately, however, this means that winter energy bills often come as a nasty surprise.
If you're comfortable paying hefty prices for heating oil in the winter months, you can certainly do so. But if you
want to plan for the cost of heating oil, you may need to consider an alternate payment plan.
Many oil providers offer budget payment plans to help consumers manage costs. Under these plans, customers
pay a set rate every month to cover their heating oil costs in the winter. These payment plans allow you to
budget for your heating oil like any other bill, which saves you from having to pay an excessive amount all at
Budget payment plans aren't for everyone. However, if you're hoping for more stability in your budget, enrolling
in one could help.
    1. Take Control of Your Budget

Fluctuating oil prices don't have to spell disaster for your budget. By monitoring your usage and searching for
payment plans that meet your needs, you can budget for gas and heating oil and even save a little money.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Installing Habits To Improve Your Children's Future

silhouette of child sitting behind tree during sunset

Being a parent is a different experience for everyone. Some people will have kids who struggle at
school, but have loads of friends, making it easy to see where issues might lie. Others will do very well
at school, though, while finding it hard to find their feet in social settings and amongst other people.
When you can see this from the outside, it can be hard to know what to do. To help you to overcome
this sort of concern, this post will be exploring some of the habits which you can teach your child to
improve every aspect of their life, especially as they go into the future.

Regular Medical Checks

Kids don’t tend to care about their health very much, especially when their bodies are still in the
process of forming. Of course, though, this is an important area regardless of where you are in life,
and is something which should always be on their mind. Finding local doctors and dentists near you
should be nice and easy. These sorts of professionals can be found practically anywhere, and will be
able to help with a huge range of different areas. Taking your kids to see them as often as possible
will build a strong respect for its importance in their minds.

Daily Balancing

It’s very easy to let something like money quickly spiral out of control when you’re working on different
parts of life. As a child, they won’t have to worry too much about the negative side of finances, instead
having a unique chance to focus on improving their skills. Checking money each day may seem a little
excessive to some people. In reality, though, this sort of work is very important, and having your child
start at an early age will make it easier for them to take it seriously as they get older.

Work Time Before Play Time

Far too few parents spend enough time working with their little ones on areas like homework, even
when they are going through important stages of their education. Having a time each day after school
to be spent working in this area is always a good idea. Not only will this help your child to
get their work done, but it will also give them a good work ethic, making sure that they are always
dealing with the most important issues on their plate before looking for fun.

Using The Right Fuel

Finally, as the last area to consider, in a world where obesity and other food-related issues are
becoming very common, the fuel your child uses is very important. They need to know how to
balance the food they eat, getting enough of all of the nutrients they need, while also knowing
that it is alright to enjoy a meal now and again. This is best taught through example, with the best
parents eating just as healthily as their little ones.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to kickstart the process of building your child into
a good adult. This can take many years to achieve, but you will be saving them a lot of time trying to
learn it when it becomes important to them.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Surrogacy

Chances are that you have heard of surrogacy before, but don’t actually know the ins and outs of the
process. However, it’s extremely important that you are familiar with the concept! Whether you are
currently fertile or not, you may find yourself intending to use surrogacy down the line, or a loved one
might be involved in the process at some point. So, let’s take a moment to get to grips with some of
the basics of this astounding medical process that changes so many people’s lives around the world
on a daily basis!

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which an individual or couple who are unable to conceive naturally use
medical intervention to help with building a family of their own. During surrogacy, a surrogate mother
(a woman who is willing to help an infertile couple) is impregnated with a fertilised egg (otherwise
referred to as an “embryo”) and continues to carry a baby to full term and give birth to him or her on
behalf of someone else.

Why People May Use a Surrogate

There are various reasons that people may resort to surrogacy. Generally speaking, they will not be
able to conceive a child for themselves. They may be a same sex couple, one or both partners may
be infertile, or one or both partners may have medical conditions that prevent them from conceiving,
carrying a child, or birthing a child.

Key Terms

When getting involved in surrogacy, you are bound to start to hear all sorts of subject-specific jargon.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused if you are unfamiliar with any terms. But not to worry.
Here are just a few key words and phrases that you might come across, along with their meaning.

  • Anonymous Donors - an anonymous donor has donating their egg or sperm and neither you
  • nor your child will have any right to any identifying information about them. Some countries
  • have implemented law to ensure that all donors are identifiable. However, other countries allow
  • donors to retain the right to anonymity.

  • Compensated or Commercial Surrogacy - this is when the surrogate has received financial
  • payment in order to carry and birth a child. The opposite of this is “altruistic” or “uncompensated
  • surrogacy” in which the surrogate does not receive any financial payment in order to carry and
  • birth a child.

  • Double Donation - double donation is when both egg and sperm have been donated. Neither
  • comes from either of the intended parents.

  • Egg Sharing - engaging with surrogacy can be an expensive process. Some clinics offer
  • discounted or free treatment to people in exchange for the use of half of any eggs that are
  • collected from them. These can then be used to help women experiencing similar difficulties.

  • Gametes - gametes are eggs or sperm.

  • Intended Parent - the intended parent (or intended parents) will be the individual (or couple)
  • who will be going through the surrogacy journey and who will take care of the child at the end
  • of the process.

  • Surrogacy Agency - a surrogacy agency is the organisation who oversee the entire process.
  • They will screen and match donors, surrogates, and intended parents, as well as supporting
  • everyone through the entire process. A prime example of a surrogacy agency and their work
  • is the ConceiveAbilities surrogacy process.

  • Surrogate - a surrogate is the individual who will carry and birth the child.

Preparing for the Process

Surrogacy can be an extremely complex process not only in medical terms, but also in
emotional and psychological terms. Luckily, there are all sorts of support out there for
anyone who is involved with the process. From the surrogacy agency that you choose to work with to
specialist support groups and helplines. It is important that you reach out to others if you are feeling
overwhelmed by surrogacy or simply want to talk more about the subject.

Of course, surrogacy may be difficult for all involved. But generally speaking, it proves to be a
positive process that provides loving intended parents with a little one to raise and care for.
Hopefully, the above information has helped to familiarise you with some of the basics in the field.
If you wish to know any more, conduct extra research and reach out to all of the available information
and resources out there!

Friday, October 19, 2018

8 Reasons Singapore Deserves A Place On Your Bucket List

There’s no better education than travel. Whether you’re taking the family on a short vacation,
trotting around the world to do some soul searching or even taking a sabbatical from work and
spending some time living overseas, there’s no more exciting and enriching experience. Being able
to immerse yourself in the language, culture and tradition of another society; being able to weave
yourself into its fabric and savor its sights, sounds, smells and tastes makes us come alive in a way
that we simply can’t achieve when we’re outside of our comfort zone. While some people choose to
visit the same location year in year out, many travel bugs feel that the world is too big a place to visit
anywhere twice. Thus, they spend their time planning and calculating, trying to see as much of the
world as possible, sampling the many and varied cultures of the world like a voracious eater at a buffet

It’s no surprise that Asia is such a draw for so many western tourists. Travel bugs yearn for adventure,
excitement and experience, after all and the cultural and culinary differences of many Asian societies
make for a fascinating and absorbing travel experience. But while the likes of Thailand, Indonesia,
Vietnam, Japan and of course China and Hong Kong all have much to recommend them, there’s
really nowhere in the world quite like Singapore. That’s why we’re going to take a detailed look at
what makes this city state so quintessential and why it deserves a place on every travel enthusiast’s
bucket list…

It’s a city and a country

One of the many things that’s unique about Singapore is that it’s
one of only three sovereign city states in the world alongside Vatican City and Monaco. While there
are many dependent city states like Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Singapore wears its
independence and autonomy very much on its sleeve. It’s a truly unique state and its diminutive size
means that you could visit for a weekend and feel as though you got the measure of Singapore. Of
course, however, for a truly authentic experience it behoves you to stay a little longer.

You can live in luxury at a bargain price

Singapore is a highly developed conurbation and a major industrial and commercial hub and one of
the freest economies in the world. Nonetheless, one can live a luxurious lifestyle there on a fraction
of the budget that one would expect to pay in many major western cities like London, Paris, Berlin,
Rome or (most certainly) New York City. If you choose to extend your stay in Singapore, wherever
you choose to settle there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a luxury HDB for rent nearby.
In Singapore a luxury 3 bedroom apartment costs just S$2,000 a month. That’s just $1,450 or £1,113.
Good luck finding that kind of rent in London or New York!

Some of the friendliest locals on the planet

Thailand may well be the land of smiles, and Indonesia prides itself on its friendly and hospitable
attitude towards western tourists, but short term visitors and expats alike agree that Singapore has
some of the friendliest and most welcoming locals on the planet. Thai people always greet you with
a smile, sure, but in Thai culture a smile can mean many things. Sure, it will most likely indicate
friendliness, but it could also mean discomfort and even mild annoyance. In Indonesia, the people
are warm and welcoming but their culture is quite conservative and one always gets the feeling that
they’re staying with their mother in-law or a fastidious aunt and have to be on their best behavior at
all times. The people of Singapore don’t go in for airs and graces, and wear their hearts very much
on their sleeves. As a hub of international trade, Singapore is home to many expat communities from
around the world and while it is very proud of its own indigenous culture, it also truly embraces
multiculturalism. Thus, while there is cohesion within expat communities, many who move to
Singapore from the west find that they have as many local friends as expat friends.

It’s one of the safest places you’ll ever visit

Even the most ardent travel junkie knows that they need to keep their wits about them when visiting
a far away land. Not only must they observe local customs and ensure that they are as polite and
accommodating as their hosts but they must also conduct themselves in a way that doesn’t invite
trouble, whether it comes in the form of pickpockets or something more sinister like armed gangs
or kidnappers.

The great news is that Singapore is one of the safest places you’re ever likely to visit. Whether it’s the
strict penalties, high standards of education or the general congeniality of the local people,
Singapore’s crime rate is so low that most shops don’t even bother locking up at night, so fear have
they of shoplifters. If you want to walk the streets at night without looking over your shoulder,
Singapore is the place to do it!

It’s completely gorgeous

Let’s face it, friendly locals and safe streets are great, but they’re not what drags us to the airport.
We like to travel overseas to be wowed and awed by stunning architecture and stunning natural
panoramas. The great news is that Singapore has both in spades. Even the airport is gorgeous,
featuring its own stunning sunflower garden. If you’re awed by architecture, you could do much
worse than check out some of the city’s crown jewels including;

  • Tree House- The world’s largest vertical garden
  • The Pinnacle@Duxton- An architectural marvel that has to be seen to be believed.
  • Ferrell Residences- A simple apartment building with an unorthodox design that looks almost
  • like a giant spinal column.
  • The Marq- A luxury apartment building where each unit has its own private pool with stunning
  • views of the city.

If you prefer to marvel at the architecture of nature, Singapore has you covered there, too. There are
a number of very good reason why it’s called the city in a garden. Singapore is surrounded by richly
biodiverse greenery with a host of plant and wildlife that is certain to make even the most jaded and
well-travelled jaw drop. Even if you don’t have the time to get out of the city, there’s lots to explore.
Check out the futuristic Gardens by the Bay and or the UNESCO heritage site, the
Singapore Botanic Gardens which are home to over 60,000 species of plants and orchids.
It’s enormous 60 acre grounds are also packed with multimedia exhibits which explain the site’s rich
heritage and the important ecological work done there every day by the local scientists. Singapore
offers a true equilibrium between nature and the man-made that’s truly inspiring.

Some of the best food you’ll ever eat

Aficionados of Asian cuisine will find some of the best they ever experience in Singapore. Seafood
lovers will be in 7th heaven as Singapore has a reputation for outstanding pescatarian cuisine that
rivals the very best in the world. Indeed, arguably the best shellfish dish in the world, chilli crab was
invented here in 1950 by chef Cher Yaw Tian and is widely regarded as the best shellfish dish in the
world. Lovers of this crab classic will find it frequently served in restaurants all over Singapore. It is to
the people of Singapore what ceviche is to Floridians.

But while Singaporean tastes tend to favor fish and meats, there’s plenty for vegetarians and vegans
to love too. Singapore is home to large hindu and buddhists who don’t eat meat or animal products
for religious reasons and as such, a wealth of vegetarian and raw food restaurants are proliferate
throughout the city state meaning that whether you’re avoiding animal products or simply looking
for a healthy veggie fix, you’ll find no shortage in Singapore.

It’s a great place to make your fortune

There are many expats in Singapore who came as tourists, fell in love (either with the place or
someone special they met there) and became an expatriate. Indeed, Singapore is a place where
many have come from all over the world and found not only a supportive community but a land of
opportunity. Singapore has a famously stable government which in turn has facilitated a very stable
and free economy that rewards enterprise. As one of the freest economies in the world, it’s a place
where virtually anyone can start their own business and find success and prosperity. If you have a
great business idea, Singapore might just be the perfect proving ground for it.

Indulge in the national sport… Shopping!

Finally, while the people of Singapore go crazy for a variety of sports from Formula 1 to rugby,
the true national pastime is shopping. Shopaholics will find some of the world’s best shopping
here with a huge local fashion scene. If you’re looking for the finest couture you can find it at any
number of Singapore’s prestigious shopping outlets, although veteran bargain hunters will find their
Heaven in the flea markets of China Square Central.

Whatever you want from an overseas trip, Singapore has it all!


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