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Setting The Record Straight About Emergency Contraception! #CB #CollectiveBias #LetsTalkPlanB #ad

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One of the (very many!) things that I wish I had learned more about when I was younger is women's health. As I get older and have a daughter of my own who is entering her teenage years, I see how I went into my teens and into womanhood blind, unprepared, and really having no earthly idea what was going on. I came from a family where things like sex, periods, and overall personal issues and questions were swept under the rug and not discussed. At the time, I thought it was normal and what all families do, but now, as I raise two teens and one tween, and a grade schooler following close behind, I see that not learning about my body and women's health in general really just hurt me in the long run.

Along with misinformation about sex and my period and birth control, one of the things that I feel like I was misinformed about most of all was the availability of emergency contraception, such as Plan B One-Step. Plan B One-Step is also sometimes called the "morning after pill". I really wish that, when I was younger I would have learned the truth about Plan B One-Step, instead of just listening to the rumors about Plan B One-Step. Now that I am older, and I have learned the truth for myself, I am able to dispel the myths, and clear up what people think about emergency contraception versus what emergency contraception ACTUALLY is. Most people have no idea!

I mean, sure, lots of people have ideas of what they THINK Plan B is, but really, they are wrong. I am sure you know what I am talking about, and I am sure you have probably, like me, heard emergency contraception be referred to as some "not so nice" names. However, it's all really just a myth. Plan B One-Step is just a higher, single dose of a regular birth control pill (but not meant to be used as regular birth control). Seriously, the active ingredient in Plan B is levonorgestrel, which is found in a ton of super common birth control pills. The difference is that with Plan B One-Step, it's just a higher dosage in one pill.

The way that Plan B One-Step works is probably also a little bit different than what you may have heard. The truth is, emergency contraception works in a similar way as birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.  Plan B works by delaying or preventing a woman's ovulation, which means it helps to prevent a pregnancy before it even has a chance to occur. Okay, I am just going to go ahead and say it. Plan B One-Step is NOT an abortion pill. There. I said it. In fact, guess what happens if you are already pregnant and you take Plan B? Nothing. That's right, absolutely nothing. Plan B One-Step does not have any effect on an already existing pregnancy. It's also not something that is going to impact a woman's chances of getting pregnant or having babies in the future.

Plan B One-Step at my local Walmart! (Please note: the price for Plan B One-Step is the price on the right, not the left, it was just in the wrong spot!)

Plan B One-Step is readily available over the counter right on the store shelf at pharmacies, drug stores, and big box stores. You don't need a prescription to purchase Plan B One-Step, and you don't need an ID, either. I purchased Plan B One-Step at Walmart, and the process couldn't have been easier. Plan B was located in the Health and Beauty section, near the condoms and pregnancy tests. It was super easy to find and super easy to purchase. I know that at some stores, Plan B One-Step is behind the pharmacy counter, so in those stores, you do need to ask an associate to get it for you, but there should be no questions asked.  You can just ask for it. If you have a hard time finding Plan B One-Step at your local store, a pharmacy associate will be happy to help you. The whole process of buying emergency contraception is super easy.
Here is the section where Plan B One Step is located in my local Walmart store!

The whole process of TAKING emergency contraception is easy too. You need to make sure to take Plan B One-Step within 72 hours of unprotected sex or birth control failure (such as a condom breaking). The sooner you take Plan B One-Step after you have unprotected sex, the better it works. Always use Plan B One-Step as directed, which isn't hard. The entire process is super simple. Plus, you can even get a coupon for $10 off the purchase of Plan B One-Step when you click here!
It's a common misconception that Plan B One-Step is for younger women, say 18-24 year olds. However, that is not true. In fact, more than half of all women who use Plan B One-Step are older than 25. Emergency contraception is an important option for all women and their family planning efforts and we are really lucky that we live in a time, whereas women, we have this option available to us. It's so important not to label anyone who chooses to use emergency contraception like Plan B One-Step . There is no certain type of woman who uses this product and many women benefit from having options like this readily available.

I'm so glad to be able to voice the truth about emergency contraception and Plan B One-Step. It's so important that we, as mothers, set the record straight for our children so that they do not grow up with the same misconceptions that we did as children. I'm happy to be able to lead the way for others and to be able to help them to discover the truth about things like this!

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