Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#Holiday Gift Guide: Bloomsy Box Flower of the Month Subscription Box Review! #Flowers #Gifts #Love #Review

Hey Guys! Today I am going to share with you a great holiday gift guide sponsor who I am really excited to work with! I mean, what girl doesn't like getting flowers? Bloomsy Box is a subscription box that is different from the others! It's actually a "flower of the month" club, where you receive a different bunch of beautiful, unique fresh flowers every month for a super affordable price! I am loving this service! 

Bloomsy Box, as I mentioned before, is super affordable. A basic subscription starts at only $34.99, which is definitely doable. I think this would make an AMAZING gift, to order a Bloomsy Box subscription as a gift so you can let a friend or family member enjoy beautiful flowers all year long! It would be especially great for a guy who isn't always great at being romantic or spontaneous with his lady, and would ensure that she always gets beautiful fresh flowers! Love it! 

One of the greatest things about Bloomsy Box is that the flowers are sent straight from the farms where they are grown. There is no middle man, no mark up. That's because Bloomsy Box focuses on single variety, hand tied flower bunches. No mixed bouquets, no filler flowers, and no expensive markup from a middle man. What's not to love? 

We recently got to try out Bloomsy Box, and I was so impressed! The flowers arrived quickly, and came wonderfully packaged. This is the first time I have received mail order flowers, so I was a little bit concerned about the process, and what the quality of the flowers would actually be. I am so impressed with what I received! The flowers we received had not quite bloomed yet, so we placed them in the vase with the special plant food we were sent. 

Within a couple of days, the flowers had bloomed beautifully, and they have lasted forever! Seriously, it's two weeks later and my flowers are still looking beautiful! I am loving them, they make me in a super good mood every day when I walk into the kitchen! This is such a great company, I would recommend them to anyone! It's a great gift idea as well, and you can choose three different sizes of bouquets depending on your needs! Bloomsy Box is a super cool idea, and I'd love for you guys to try it out and let me know if your experience is as great as mine has been! Make sure to check out Bloomsy Box on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

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