Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun and Learning With Educational Insights: Design and Drill Socket To Me Review! #MomLife #Reviews #Toys #Homeschool #PreK #Blogger

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. All opinions are my own. 

If you guys have been following our blog for any length of time, you probably already know how much we love Educational Insights. They are definitely one of our very favorite brands, and every time we get the chance to work with them, we jump at it. I know that no matter what products they send us to check out, they are going to be great, and that my boys are definitely going to enjoy them. This time was no exception! 

We received the Educational Insights Design and Drill: Socket To Me to review. This toy is so cute! It actually comes with four different things to "build": a rocket, a race car, a boat and a robot. Kids can use the colorful plastic bolts and the real working socket wrench to "build" their own creations. Then they can play with them!
 The recommended age range for this toy is 3-6, so our little guy was perfect to try it out! I absolutely love that this toy encourages creativity and helps him to work on his fine motor skills. We are getting ready for preschool in the fall, so anything I can do to help him be ready for that is great! It has taken him a little while to get the hang of this toy, but he loves it now!

The cutest part is that he really thinks he is "building" something, and he is so proud of his creations! I am glad for him to have something to build and create with other than his wooden blocks and mega blocks. He gets really bored with those sometimes, so it is nice to have something else to add to his collection.

I would definitely recommend this toy if you have little ones ages 3-6 at home. It is a very cute toy, takes no batteries, and like all Educational Insights toys, is really built to last. No cheaply made junk here! Another great thing is that if you have some of the other Design and Drill sets from Educational Insights, they are all interchangeable and can be used together. You're definitely going to want to add this one to your collection. Check out more from Educational Insights at http://www.educationalinsights.com/home.do

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