Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: PEEPS for the Holidays! #PR #Blogger #PEEPS #Yum #FoodBlogger

Today's Holiday Gift Guide sponsor is PEEPS! Yes, PEEPS! Those adorable marshmallow chickies are NOT just for Easter anymore! PEEPS now has treats for all seasons, and their Holiday offerings are super adorable! 

Doesn't this just LOOK exciting! Oh how yummy! I really love the Christmas Rainbow Pops (who doesn't love PEEPS on a Stick?), I think they would be a perfect stocking stuffer! The chocolate dipped PEEPS are super yummy and oh so cute! The Marshmallow Snowmen are also really cute, but I think my favorites are the individual dark chocolate covered Christmas trees, OH so good! 

How adorable are these? I love them! These are going to make really great stocking stuffers, if you can wait that long! (I MAY or may not have devoured the chocolate ones already!). The great thing about PEEPS is that they are a household name, something that I remember getting in my stocking when I was a kid, and something I am sure my mom and dad got in their stockings too! Do you love PEEPS? If you do, make sure to visit the PEEPS website and to also like them on Facebook to stay up to date on all the important PEEPS news! 

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