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What You Missed: The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 "Isolation" (10/27/13) #TWD #Review #AMC #Blogger

Wow, it's hard to believe we're already at episode three of season four! This season will be over before we know it! (*tear*) Well, let's go ahead and covered what you missed last night: 

**Spoilers Below** (Obviously!)

Tonight's episode starts out with Glenn and Maggie and a few others digging some graves, and Hershel and Doctor S treating some sick (now dead) folks. It's obvious that the virus is NOT contained whatsoever, and now it's spreading to a ton more people. Cut to Tyrese, Darryl, Carol and Rick checking out the burned bodies, trying to figure out who did it. Tyrese starts to go all crazy and our favorite rational sheriff tries to talk to him, telling him that he understands what he's going through. Ty doesn't really feel like talking though, and he punches Rick in the face. Now, I personally didn't think that Rick was going to do anything, since he's been all "anti violence" lately, so I was really surprised when he completely beat the crap out of Tyrese! 

I mean, I like Tyrese as much as the next guy, I was incredibly partial to comic Tyrese, but it was really nice to see "Old Rick" back. I really prefer "Take No Shit Rick" over "Peace and Harmony
Rick", so I was okay with this little altercation. 

The virus is spreading like crazy now, and we see The Council talking about what to do next. Everyone who is already sick is sent to their own cell block to be quarantined. The group also decides to separate the kids and Hershel from everyone else, since they are the most vulnerable. You can imagine how fond both Carl and Hershel were of this idea, but they go along with it anyway. Oh, and guess who has the virus now? Tyrese's sister, Sasha. Poor Tyrese, he is having a hard day. 
Anyway, so after everyone has been separated (sick quarantined, kids + Santa sent off on their own), the group has to decide who is going to head over to this Veterinary College to get some antibiotics. Hershel has drawn a map and made a list for them, and even volunteered to go along with them (which I thought was sweet). Darryl and Michonne are going to go on the run, and it is so nice to see that these two have such a good rapport with each other now. They have really bonded and it is nice to see both of them get close to someone. Anyways, that new guy, Bob (guy who almost got everyone killed over a bottle of wine at the Big Spot?) is going, and the group finally talks Tyrese into going too. So, those four head off on their little trip. In the meantime, guess who has come down with the virus!? GLENN!?! Ahhh! Not good! 

Hershel sneaks off to go out to the woods and pick some elderberries, to try to help the sick folks feel better. Carl catches him trying to sneak out and a very comical conversation arises, with Carl not wanting to "let" Hershel go out into the woods. So funny! Eventually, Carl and Hershel decide to go together, with Carl watching out for walkers while Hershel picks the berries. They do encounter a couple of walkers in the woods, but they are so rotten and slow, they don't even need to shoot them. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our favorite sheriff is playing CSI and looking for clues around the site of the burned bodies. He notices a bloody hand print on the door, and after that he has a pretty good idea who did it. (I actually, had no clue who did it at this point. I am not as good of an investigator as Rick). 

Hershel returns from picking the berries, and is heading into the "infected zone" to give them to the sick folks. Maggie and Rick both try to stop him, and Hershel gives another one of his famous speeches about how everything they do puts their lives at risk, and now they just have to decide what they're risking it for, yada yada. Nice speech, and Hershel has such a good heart, but I felt so bad for Maggie. First Glenn gets sick, and now her dad is going to go in there and get sick too? Sigh. Anyways, Hershel heads into the sick ward and guess who coughs blood right in his face. The lovely Doctor S guy. Nice job doctor, you think you would know better. 

Now that Glenn and Hershel are both sick, that literally leaves only Maggie, Carol and Rick at the prison who are not sick or quarantined. Maggie is super distraught the entire episode, so Rick and Carol are the only people who are able to get anything done. 

Anyways, back in the car, we have Darryl, Bob, Michonne and Tyrese headed to the pharmacy to get the antibiotics. (Who ever would have pictured Darryl Dixon hanging out with three black people!?) Michonne and Darryl are talking a little bit about the governor, and he tells her that if he thought they could find him, he would be right there with her trying to kick his ass. I'm just saying, there is a lot of chemistry with these two,and I am shipping Darryl and Michonne, even if no one else is, and even though I seriously doubt the writers would take that on. But really, they would be so cute. 

Anyway, they're in the car, messing with the radio, and there's A VOICE!!! ON THE RADIO!?!?!!! Oh my goodness, what could this possibly mean? Whose voice is this? Where is it coming from? Somebody is out there somewhere, and we're pretty sure we'll find out who real soon! But, Darryl is being a very distracted driver, and ends up crashing into a horde or 489459459 zombies somehow. It is a HUGE horde, like the biggest we've seen on the show this far, and it is pretty scary! Darryl tries to back up to get away from the walkers, but the car get stuck on a giant walker pile, which is like my worst ZA fear! The gang has to bail on the car, and they make a run for the woods! 

All of them, except Tyrese, who is sitting in the car looking dumbfounded.. He takes a few minutes to compose himself, and then he gets out of the car, and starts attacking the zombies, with what else?? HIS HAMMER! If you are a comic reader, you knew just where this was going, but it was cool to see it play out in a different situation! The group guesses that Ty is as good as gone, since he is in the middle of the horde with only his hammer, but guess what? He makes it through, due to his bad ass hammering skills, and the gang scurries off into the woods. I am concerned about what they will do next, since they lost their car, and how they will ever get to the vet school in time to get the antibiotics before everyone starts to die! 

Back at the prison, Rick and Carol are the only two who are out in the yard, since everyone else is quarantined/sick/depressed/burned/dead/isolated/etc... Rick, acting on his suspicions from his investigation earlier, asks Carol if she killed Karen and David. Everyone was shocked when Carol casually replied "yes", and then walked away. WOW! I really didn't see that coming, but it does make sense when you think about it. Carol has become a real bad ass lately, and she would do anything to keep the group safe, the real core group, Darryl and Rick and Glenn and Maggie and Carl and Judith and Hershel. She would do anything for them, and I think she killed Karen and David in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading and to get a leg up on the sickness, but of course, it didn't work! 

This was another one of those episodes that leaves us with lots of questions... Does Hershel really have the virus now? Will Darryl, Michonne and company get the antibiotics in time? Will the antibiotics really help? Are Glenn and Sasha for sure goners? What will everyone do now that Carol killed Karen and David? (Remember Tyrese is out for blood, and even Darryl said that they would find whoever did it and put a bullet in them!) Who was the voice on the radio? Will Rick even tell them what he knows? Ahh, so many questions! 

Next week's episode is "Indifference" (and don't forget to set your clocks back next weekend too!), and the episode description says: 

" The supply mission faces hurdles; the situation at the prison worsens."

Umm wow. That is very. Enlightening. Isn't it? 

Guess we'll just have to wait and see! 

I wasn't too overly impressed with this episode, but next week is the halfway point of the season, so I am expecting a lot more drama.... 

And, side note.... I love the Talking Dead show, with Chris Hardwick, I really do, but last night with Marilyn Manson on as guest was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Everything he said was completely incoherent and idiotic and I can not stand when they bring people on to talk about the show that don't even know anything about the show. I could tell that Chris was getting peeved about it as well, so hopefully they won't ever have any more guests like that again. Sure would have been nice to hear what EP Gale Ann Hurd had to say, but instead, we got crazy rambling. Nice. Do better, Talking Dead, do better. 

Anyways, that's all for this week! :) 

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