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Spinmaster Toys Has Your Christmas List Covered! #SpinMaster #Gifts #PR #Blogger #Review #Toys

We are longtime fans of Spin Master toys. Even before I became a blogger, they were one of my favorite brands, and now that I am a blogger, I love them even more! They are a company that really loves working with bloggers, and they are always reaching out with new and exciting products for us to share with our readers. This time, the folks at Spin Master have outdone themselves! I know it's getting close to the holiday season, so without further ado, let's look at some of Spin Master's hot new toys, just in time for Christmas! 

Horrible picture, but LOOK how high this thing can fly!! 

This one was the biggest hit at my house! This is the Air Hogs RC Elite Helix X4 Stunt Quad-Copter. Shew, long name, huh? It's okay, you don't need to remember the name, you just need to remember that this is an awesome gift for the kid (or man-child!) on your list! My boys have had an awesome time flying (and crashing!) this thing, and by now, they've actually gotten pretty good! I love that it's something Tater and his dad can do together, and they have both had a great time learning how to fly it! Another plus is that it is able to be charged via USB, which is GREAT! The Air Hogs RC Elite Helix X4 Stunt Quad-Copter is available here, and retails for an ARV of $79.99. 

Next up for us to review was none other than this cutie pie, Zoomer! I have to say, I think that Zoomer is going to be THE hot gift of the holiday season! He's so cute, he's interactive, he is good for both boys and girls! What's not to love about an adorable robotic puppy that does NOT pee in the floor?? Zoomer is so adorable, and the boys have had a great time teaching him tricks and watching him run around in circles. The cat? While she liked him at first, she is now utterly petrified of our little friend Zoomer, which I find exceptionally hilarious! Zoomer is available at most major retailers for right around $79.99, and you can read more about him right now! 

Our next toy up is the adorable Flutterbye Fairy that you have more than likely seen advertised on TV by now. These fairies are so cute, I so wish I had a girl to play with these! The Flutterbye fairies are "magic" and they really fly! The cool thing is, you can get a five minute flight out of a 25 minute charge! While I don't have any girls that can play with these awesome toys, I know they will make a great donation gift for the holidays! I wish I would have had a cool toy like this when I was younger! Want to check out Flutterbye Fairies? They are available at most major retailers for between $25-$30. Definitely look for these to be a hot holiday toy as well! 

The next awesome product that we got a chance to try is the Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall. I personally love the whole Kawaii Crush line and think they are adorable! I would have loved to have a toy like this when I was younger, it's kind of like a cooler version of Polly Pocket (not that Polly isn't cool, Kawaii Crush is just a little more updated, with more accessories!). The Kawaii Crush girls are so cute, I love them! The Hyper Happy Mall comes with one exclusive Kawaii Crush figure, three pets, and over 40 accessories! It's so cute! Want to learn more about it? Click here
One thing that my boys really loved? The entire Spy Gear line! So cool! The entire Spy Gear line has some really awesome stuff, and my boys were thrilled with these! So much so, that the rest of the Spy Gear line is now added to their Christmas list! There are SO many, you can seriously get your kiddos everything they need to become a real spy! There are a ton of products in this line, so you can take your time and collect them all! Each one has a special different purpose, and no two are quite the same! Want to check out the Spy Gear toys? Click here for the latest scoop! 
This Logo Party game from Spinmaster Games is something that I am super excited about! I have been eyeing this game for a long time, well, the regular version, not the party edition. I am such a martyr though, and I never buy things for myself, so I haven't bought it yet. I am so glad to get the chance to check it out! This game is now one of my very favorites, it's all about pop culture, which is something that I love, and we have had so much fun playing it! I would totally recommend this game for anybody, if you like playing games at home, if you like to entertain, whatever. You can check it out here!
 Another great family game? The new Hedbanz Act Up! We have the original Hedbanz game and the boys love it, so we were excited to try this new version! This is just such a fun "charades like" game, and we play it all the time now! I also saw that Spin Master has a new Adult Hedbanz version, and I want that one too! Want to check out this game online? Here is your chance! 

Our last review product is another one that has become one of our favorites! The new Boom Boom Balloon game is a great family game, and it is so much fun! It is something that we all can play together, even little Bean! It is so much fun to take your turn and anticipate when the balloon is going to pop! It's so much fun! I also love that this is a quick game to play, not a long, drawn out 2 hour game! It is something fun and quick that the boys and I can play before bed, or while we are waiting for dinner to cook. This is such a fun game, and I would definitely recommend it for a holiday gift! Wanna check it out? Here's your chance! 

I would like to say a huge thank you to our friends at Spin Master for giving us a chance to check out all of these cool new products! We have found some wonderful new toys that we might not have known about otherwise, and we have gotten some great toys to donate to our favorite holiday charities as well! It's a win win! Make sure to check out Spin Master's website, Twitter, and Facebook pages to stay up to date with everything that they have going on, which, as you can see, is a lot! 

We received sample products for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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