Monday, August 12, 2013

Our First Day Of #Homeschool EVER!

Well ladies, and gentlemen, the day is finally here! Today was our very first day of homeschool EVER! I have been planning this day for a really long time, and I have been waiting for it since before my babies were ever born. I didn't know if I was going to get the chance to make it happen.  I have been so lucky this past year to be able to stay home with the boys, and have a chance to work from home and things have finally, for what is perhaps the first time in my entire life, things are falling into place. 

Today was our first day, but it was kind of sort of like a "test day", I guess! We will be doing much more when everything starts up for real, but  for today, it was just a little bit of work, and a little bit of fun.. We started off by making our signs for the first day of school, one for preschool and one for second grade! We went outside and took lots of funny and silly pictures so we can remember our day! 

When we came back in, we did a little bit of a pre-reading activity for Charlotte's web, which we will start reading on Thursday, which was just a little bit of prediction making type stuff about what Tater thinks will happen. After that, we did a few easy math worksheets, and played a few math games on the iPad. Addition was good, but it was really hard to shift back and forth between addition and subtraction, so we will have to work on that. We also filled out some cute "first day of school" surveys and self portraits that we will revisit at the end of the school year, and see how much they have changed! 

Beanie got to do some really fun activities too. First of all, I put colored paper on the floor in several different spots, and then I brought him his giant box full of Mega Blocks. He sorted all of them out by color and put them on the right piece of paper. It occupied him for almost an hour! It was so cute to watch! My favorite though, was another great project that I found on, where else, Pinterest!! We took a marshmallow, stuck a piece of spaghetti in it, and then gave him a pile of Cheerios to thread onto the spaghetti. It was so cute to watch, he did it over and over again! Love this activity! 

We finished up our day with the infamous "Ivory Soap in the Microwave" experiment, also from Pinterest, and they really loved that! Then, we packed up and headed to the grocery store, where we picked out some special pencils, erasers, grippers, and treats for our chore charts! All in all, it was a great first day! 

Our weeks are going to look a little crazy compared to other peoples, since we are taking off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as our weekends. This is because my hubby works weekends, and we want our days off to be the same as his days off. So our weeks will be Thursday, Friday,Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I think it's going to work well for our family! 

Oh, and look what else came in the mail today: 

Yep, those are MOMMY'S school books! I can't believe that I am heading back to college for the first time in almost ten years! Shew! Scary and exciting all at once! Make sure you check in with us often and make sure we are still here and moving LOL!!! 


  1. they are so cute and i am soooooooo proud of you love you

  2. So proud of you! I'll be following your blog faithfully. Good luck!!


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