Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oriental Trading Company = Everything You Need!

I can't deny it, one of the best parts of being a blogger is having packages show up on your doorstep with super cool stuff to try. Even better than that? When the package is a surprise! That's what happened a few weeks ago, when a giant package showed up on my doorstep from Oriental Trading Company. Now, I have been an OTC fan for years and years, but this particular time, I didn't remember ordering anything.. And I didn't! The package was a gift from Oriental Trading Company as a part of their blogger program, and it was such a nice surprise! 

The package contained tons of great "springy" products from Oriental Trading! I was really surprised and impressed at all the great items that Oriental Trading Company sent us! One of my favorites? These adorable spring bandannas: 

Aren't these adorable!? I love them! I put them in goodie bags at my niece's baby shower, and they were a huge hit! I also think they would be great as napkins too! The folks at Oriental Trading also sent some great party supplies, perfect for a springtime party! 

How cute is this stuff? I love it! I was able to pass most of it on to my sister to use for my other niece's birthday party, since it was all cute, but not "tough" enough for my boys! However there was a TON of stuff that I was able to repurpose for the boy's zombie birthday bash! The silverware, all lime green, fit in perfectly with the lime green, red and black zombie theme! The folks at Oriental Trading also sent a ton of lime green balloons, which were a perfect match! The best part? With the gift card that Oriental Trading sent, I was able to pick up a few more goodies for the boys' zombie party, plus some great stuff for homeschooling in the fall! That's right, they even have school stuff, and a ton of it! Great prices, great products, what more could you want? I am thouroughly impressed with Oriental Trading Company, from their customer service, to fast shipping, to great product selection and even better prices! 

Here's a few items that I picked up for the party: 

And a few more great things that I found for homeschooling! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that I found Oriental Trading for our home school supplies, they are going to save me so much money in the coming months and years! 

So, bottom line, if you are throwing a party, a baby shower, whatever, Oriental Trading is where you need to go! If you are a teacher, or a homeschool mom like me, they have got you covered too! If you are a crafty mama, unlike me, Oriental Trading also has a ton of great craft supplies! They also have a ton of stuff that would be great for prizes if you have like a neighborhood carnival, or something like that! Seriously, check them out! They always have great sales as well, and their clearance items are wonderfully priced! They often have great promotions like free shipping, etc, so make sure to check them out! Thanks again to Oriental Trading Company for providing us with some great items! We love them and will continue to shop there forever! 

 I was provided with a promotional product, but was under no obligation to give a review. All opinions are my own and are never influenced by any outside means. 

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