Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Public School....

Dear Public School,

I have some things to say to you.. It has been a long time coming, but now there are 12 days left of first grade, and I just don't care anymore.

I never in a million years thought that I would be saying the things I have to say, or doing the things I am going to do. 

What you have done to my child, are doing to other children, is not okay. It is not. 

Last year, changing my child's teacher six times, it was. not. okay. 

Putting every single one of the "bad" kids in a classroom by themselves, with the new teacher, it was. not. okay. 

Hiring a teacher who had absolutely no way to control those children, it was. not. okay. 

This year, I knew it would be better. I just knew it. 

I was wrong. 

Continuing to allow adults to roam the halls, not even having them sign in. It. is. not. okay. 

When I come to check my child out of school, and you don't ask for ID. Then tell me "he's in a special class, you can just go look for him". It. is. not. okay. What if I was a murderer? 

And, contrary to popular belief, it is not okay to make my kid participate in your flagpole prayer meeting. 
It's not. 

If you would have sent a note home, we would have talked about it at home so he would know what to expect. I have no problem exposing him to things that are different than what we do at home. I have a problem with not finding out about it until it has already happened, and not being able to properly prepare him. 

Also, telling my kid if he doesn't be good, he's going to Hell when he dies? Not okay. 

Taking a show of hands on how many kids have dead grandparents? How many kids pray at night? How many kids go to church? How many kids get spanked? How many kids have parents that are married? Again, not. okay. 

Plus, the constant asking for money and supplies? not. okay. I sent in money for supplies and fees and somewhere around $75 worth of supplies at the beginning of the year. Stop asking for money. Please. Really, the $5 for this activity and $20 for this field trip gets really old really fast. 

The lack of respect for my needs as a parent? Completely unacceptable. The end of the first nine weeks, I email you for a conference. No answer. I call you. You say you'll call me back. You call back (amazingly). We talk and you ask to do a phone conference. I say ok. Two minutes later, you say you have to go, and you'll call me back during your planning. I never hear from you again. All my calls and emails go unanswered. Notes I send in my son's folder, never answered. I feel so disrespected. 

So that's it. I am done. I am finished. It's over. In twelve days, first grade will be over. And we will start a new chapter in our life. We plan to begin homeschooling in the fall. Am I scared? Terrified. 

I am absolutely terrified, and I don't know if I will do a good job. But, I have to do better, right? 

So, ladies, you might be seeing more homeschool related posts here in the future, hope that is okay! 

Wish me luck on this new journey in our lives! 


  1. When my son was 7 the bus driver dropped my son at the wrong apartment complex. Teaching kids not to argue with adults did no service because when my son argued that this was not his stop the bus driver told him it was, and dropped him off anyway. This was 2 miles from our apartment. When he didnt get off the bus I had a heart attack and called the school and the police. 2 hours later he was found walking the opposite way, away from our house. It was the most terrifying 2 hours. Add this to teachers who were overwhelmed and no longer cared, the Florida government who continued to lower standards to make it look like our kids were actually improving and the overcrowding of schools and we took action...HOME SCHOOLING. It was hard and my son was bored because if you take away travel time, lunch, and study hall there is very little time your child is actually learning so it was a breeze to get work done each day. We joined a home schooling group who met 2 times a week and had field trips. It was the best choice I ever made. I wish you good luck and know you are making the right choice. Join a home schooling group and your children will miss nothing, and they will be safe everyday!

    1. OMG Stacey I can not imagine what that must have been like! I am terrified that I won't be able to be "good enough" to teach him, but I also feel like I have to at least try! Thank you for your kind words, it's good to know other moms feel the same way!

    2. There are so many options out there for homeschooling moms but sometimes it is a little hard. I remember losing my mind when one of the homework questions was "there are 7 girls in a bus, each girl has 7 backpacks, in each backpack there are 7 big cats, for every big cat there are 7 kittens...How many legs are on the bus"...OMG. really? It was overwhelming at times but take advantage of homeschooling groups, online after school advice boards and chats where certified teachers are working answering questions in real time chat, youtube videos for how to's and science projects, and you will be fine. The one thing I really like was being able to teach my son the things schools sometimes leave out, like real life knowledge...balancing a checkbook. I really enjoy your blog!

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