Friday, January 25, 2013

Why Is corporate wellness So Important?

I absolutely love that companies are taking a new stance on corporate wellness .Companies are trying to take a new stance on their employee's health and wellness. I love that companies are taking on this tough topic, and helping their employees meet their health and wellness goals. Companies are doing more than just inspiring their employees to lose weight and get healthy, but they are beginning to think out of the box, and get creative with their corporate wellness programs.

Companies are taking part in health fairs, health care screenings, health care coaching, personal training, on and off site fitness facilities, allowing employees to have time for exercise and working out, and more. Some large companies have even hired on site caterers or professional chefs to cook healthy meals for their employees. Some companies are even holding important meetings outside, or during yoga classes or walks. Even other companies are offering healthy food vending machines, and rewards and incentives for employees who lose weight, ala The Biggest Loser. Some companies offer 24 hour fitness center programs, dietary or nutrition counseling. They also use smoking cessation programs, and other ideas to keep employees healthy.

Corporate wellness programs help employees to feel better, be more productive and take less time off of work due to sick days. But, they also help the companies themselves, by having more employees off of work than out sick. They can also help reduce health care spending which is a very large cost to all employers. These great programs make me want to work for a big company so I can take advantage of this sort of things! Do any of you have corporate wellness programs where you work? Tell us about it in the comments!

This has been a sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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