Sunday, November 18, 2012

Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5 Recap & A Look Foward To Tonight

Poncho= Newsworthy!


Well, it's Sunday again! Yay! Our favorite night on TV! Tonight is S3E6 of The Walking Dead, "Hounded", and I'm excited to see what kind of drama is going to be introduced this week. Last week's episode was sort of tying everything together and setting us up for more drama that is bound to happen this week. 

Let's take a quick look back and remember some high points from last week's Say The Word:

Penny!!! Excited to see Penny this early on, glad they just brought it out in the open and didn't hint around at it anymore!  Also, Michonne and Andrea decide to part ways, with Michonne heading back into Zombieland and Andrea staying behind with her white picket fence and the governor! David Morrissey continues to do a great job at creepy in his governor role, and I don't know why, but I can't help but love Merle! I don't know why, but I just love a man with a sword hand... The zombie fight club scene? A little too much for me. I don't know why, but it seemed much cooler, darker, and just different in the comics. I found it a little weird on the show, and even though I know it's not the last we are going to see of it, I kind of wish it was. However, I am excited to see the Woodbury story arc ramp up a bit, it just isn't as interesting to me as my friends back at the prison, so I'm ready to see some more drama over there. Looks like this week we will (surprise!) see some Andrea/Governor action and Merle chasing Michonne in the woods.. Hopefully this isn't all for Woodbury this week, or I am probably going to be bored again... 

It is so weird that while I feel like the Woodbury story arc doesn't really have that much going on, that I am actually a bit overwhelmed with the prison storyline. I almost feel like there is too much going on and I can't keep up anymore. Rick-still crazy. Walker killing rampage inside the prison, almost punching Glenn, finding the boiler room where Lori died, crazily stabbing a bloated walker that apparently ate Lori whole... I am trying so hard not to be overly critical, but I too am on the bandwagon that I am getting a little tired of having to rely on The Talking Dead to explain the show to me. I didn't understand the boiler room scene until Talking Dead explained that the bloated walker was supposed to have ate Lori's whole body (clothes, bones, and all???? ) and drug her around the room.. I don't know, I just don't get it... Also, Carol... We're just gonna forget about her? I don't know.. The digging graves thing, with no bodies, confusing...
There is no shame in my Merle love!

Most important part of the night: Darryl is wearing the poncho again. Definitely newsworthy. I loved seeing Darryl step up into a leader role when it came to saving the baby. We're not going to see another kid die on Darryl's watch, now are we? The daycare scene with Darryl and Maggie was so creepy, I think we all kept waiting for those (nonexistent) baby walkers to show their freaky selves.. I did read that there was a scene cut from this part of the show, with Maggie breaking down about Lori and Darryl talking about Carol. Obviously, it wasn't deemed an important enough or good enough scene to make the final cut, but I would still really love to see how that one played out. Darryl feeding the baby and the "Little Asskicker" scene was most definitely cute and  has had ovaries exploding all over the world for the last week, but it will be interesting to see how we are really going to keep this baby alive after the honeymoon phase lol. Darryl placing the Cherokee Rose on Carol's grave was a nice touch, but again : Carol's grave is filled in, but we didn't find the body??? So freaking confused with this show! 

We ended back in the boiler room with Rick and the phone. Very surprised to see the phone introduced so early in the show.. But who knows, maybe it's just a wrong number LOL and not "THE PHONE".. I hope it's not too early to introduce that aspect of the story. I don't like crazy Rick, he freaks me out. Rick is supposed to be my beautiful strong leader haha, and I don't like to see him losing it, even though I know it's coming! I did see in the sneak peek where Rick comes back into the lobby where everyone is eating and he has taken a shower and is all nice and tidy and Rick-like. So that makes me feel better. I like my Rick more Andrew Lincoln-ish, thank you! 

Looking foward to tonight, what will we see? Who knows really... this show has gotten me so wrapped up and confusing and twisty turn-y that I really have no idea where we are going from here. I do have a feeling that this will be the episode where our two story arcs, Woodbury and The Prison begin to come together.. And I have a strong feeling that it will have something to do with my good friend Merley.. If you watch that promo for tonight's episode, is surely looks like Miss Maggie is pointing that gun at a certain Merle-esque individual... Which leads me to believe all of our friends will be meeting up sooner rather than later :)  Also, looks like Darryl finds Carols knife in a walker's head, and it looks like the walker hasn't been dead long. So maybe we can resume a Carol search party after all? Well, I guess that is all for now, but I can't wait for tonight!

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