Monday, November 26, 2012

Hot(test!) Gift! Air Hogs Battle Tracker!

Today's review is from one of our favorite brands, Spinmaster toys. In case you didn't know, Spinmaster is one of the leading toy brands out there, and they make the coolest toys that you will find! Today's toy is one that I can tell you from experience is one that the whole family will enjoy: mom, dad and kids!

The Air Hogs Battle Tracker is a real hit with our family. In fact, I would go so far as to call it "Toy Of The Year" at our house! In case you don't know, the Air Hogs Battle Tracker is described as an interactive combat set. The battle tracker comes with two parts: the first part is the helicopter itself and the second part is the A.R.T., or Automatic Robotic Turret. The A.R.T. is kind of like the "bad guy". While you are flying the helicopter, the A.R.T. is tracking your every move and firing targets at you to try to knock you down. All the while you can launch discs from the helicopter to try to disable the A.R.T!

What we really liked about the Battle Tracker is that it is really versatile in how you can play with it. You can play it in single player mode, which is great for our Tater. He has really enjoyed taking the Battle Tracker outside and playing with it on the porch after school. But, the real fun is when he plays with the Battle Tracker in two player mode, with dad! My hubs has also fallen in love with the Battle Tracker. They have actually been arguing over it LOL!One of them is in control of the helicopter and one is in control of the A.R.T, and they just go after each other! It is really cute to watch them play with this toy together, and I am really glad that we found something that they can bond over!

I have to honestly say that we have loved having this toy in our house. It has become my two big boys' favorite toy. I will also tell you that since reviewing the Battle Tracker, we have also added two other Air Hogs toys to our collection, so that each of the boys has their own helicopter to use! I think this is the most loved toy that we have reviewed this year. So congratulations, Spinmaster, you have a real winner with the Air Hogs Battle Tracker!

If you want to purchase the Air Hogs Battle tracker, you can do so here! You can also follow Spinmaster toys on Facebook here and on Twitter here to stay up to date with all the latest news and promotions!

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