Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing ID Gum! #IDGUM

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, iD GUM.

Have you guys heard of the new iD Gum? We are really excited to tell you guys about it! iD Gum is made by  Stride, and it is awesome! iD Gum is actually pretty cool. One cool thing about it is that each piece is unique. Each piece of ID Gum has it's own "gumprint", and each pack contains a piece of art from a new and upcoming artist. I think that is really cool too! My favorite part of this gum is that it contains a magnetic closure on the pack. This is so great! If you are a girl, like me, who keeps gum in her purse, you know about all the nasties that can get in the pack when you're not looking. Not anymore! 

Tater is a huge gum fan, so I set some of these with him to review with his friends! They LOVED it! They didn't really like the mint, they are more into the fruity flavors, but they are only six after all.. My favorites are the mint! So, if you guys are looking for some gum, check out iD Gum! Love It! 

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