Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Gift! Nano Speed Racers!

In our house, cars are king. If you took every toy my kids had and counted them out, cars and trucks would outnumber everything else, at least 4 to 1. Tater especially, is absolutey obsessed with anything "speed" related. I knew that the Nano Speed crash playset was going to be a big hit with him! First of all, the cars are tiny, which I knew he would love!

 Here's the scoop on Nano Speed:
The ultimate NanoSpeed racetrack delivers insane speed, twisted loops and adrenaline filled stunts! Defy gravity as you launch multiple cars into the triple loop, watching them wind their way through an inverted corkscrew and 5 high-intensity intersecting crash points! Every vehicle is automatically boosted to hit maximum speed for intense stunts and crashes! Inside you’ll discover two exclusive NanoSpeeds to start your collection of the fastest and most highly collectible pullback vehicles available! Experience massive speed on a micro scale with NanoSpeed!

The biggest hit with this playset was of course, the crashing! The fact that this play set comes with FIVE crash zones was a huge hit! Anytime the cars even get close to crashing, the boys holler and scream and giggle like crazy!The cars are easy to work, with pull back power that all of us moms are now super familiar with. The set was easy enough for mom to set up while dad was at work, which is actually a big deal around here LOL. We are planning on adding several more of these to our collection this Christmas!

I will say that the focus on the cars staying on the track only lasted a few minutes, since it was kind of hard to keep them on the track. However, the process of launching them across the floor and down the hallway still hasn't gotten boring for these boys!The boys really love this playset, although I would recommend if you have a little guy like my Bean that you really keep your eye on them when playing with this toy, since the cars are so small!

Thanks again for another great product, Spinmaster! If you want to buy the NanoSpeed Vert Crash Set, click here! Don't forget to follow Spinmaster on Twitter and Facebook too so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest!

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