Friday, November 9, 2012

Hot Gift! Common Stitch Tee Shirts!

Tee shirts are always a great Christmas gift, and it's no wonder. Everyone, man, woman, young or old, can enjoy a great tee shirt. Tee shirts are a great way to express yourself and show everyone your favorite things, plus they are the most comfy thing in the world to wear! Today we are going to tell you about a great Etsy shop that is making some wonderful tee shirts! 

Common Stitch Tee Shirts is an Etsy shop that specializes in quality screen printed tee shirts with great customer service! We were lucky enough to receive a great tee shirt from them to review! It's a Breaking Bad shirt, my favorite!! 
The first thing I noticed when I opened the shirt, was that it wasn't some cheaply made heat transfer. The shirts from Common Stitch are the best quality that you will find anywhere. I really haven't found any other shirts that have the same quality for the price that you will pay from Common Stitch. The shirts are soft, and they don't shrink after washing. Multiple washes later, my shirt still looks brand new, no shrinking, no fading. I would have to say that Common Stitch is really one of the better tee shirt companies that I have had the pleasure of reviewing in the last few years! I was super impressed and continue to be impressed with my lovely Breaking Bad shirt! 

If Breaking Bad isn't your thing (then you're crazy, but that is another post all together.... ), don't worry! Common Stitch makes all sorts of awesome tee shirts no matter what you are into! Here are a couple of other ones that I found that I am going to try to order for my hubs: 

Plus, the price is right, the shipping is fast, and the customer service is great! Really, what more could you ask for? Check out Common Stitch today and cross some gifts off of your list!

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