Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jersey = Vacation 2013?

After doing a few years of trips close to home, I am thinking that next year might be the year we are ready  to venture out a little further from home. I mean, Tater is almost seven now.. And Bean is 2, potty trained and big as he can be.. I think they could handle it.. So where am I thinking for this vacation? Maybe Central Jersey?

I have to admit that maybe it wasn't my first thought, but after researching a little bit, there really is a ton of stuff to do there, and it is closer to home than Florida, etc.. They really do have  a ton of fun stuff for families, they have a lot of amusement parks and water parks, etc..They even have an indoor water park!  Plus check out this balloon festival picture that I found, how fun does that look? 

I am going to keep up my researching and come up with a game plan, and then spring it on the hubs and boys that this is where I think we are going to go next year! I think they will go for it, don't you? I mean, it's kind of an unexpected vacation destination, but I have found so much really cool stuff to do there!

I really think I found something for everyone, from the amusement and water parks, etc. for the boys, to the East Jersey Olde Towne Center and outdoor concerts that look right up my alley, to the sports events that my hubby would love! I am really excited for our next vacation!

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