Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide To Greening Your Home!

You guys know that I am on a roll with the book reviews around here! And this next one is right up my alley! The book I am going to tell you about today is called The Ultimate Guide To Greening Your Home and it is a great resource for people who are interested in going green and saving money. The author of this book is actually the owner of a sustainability consulting firm (Anthony Gilbreath), so he knows what he is talking about.

This 66 page ebook covers all the bases from electronics to lawn care to each room in your home. I love that the book is divided up into easy to read and digest sections. I love the daily tips that the book offers, that way I really do feel like I am making a difference every day! 

A lot of us feel like we need to be making better choices to be more environmentally conscious but we really don't know how to make those changes. This book shows you that you don't have to completely overhaul your lifestyle and make a drastic change to make a difference.

I know that a lot of us use coupons to supplement our income and help save money for our family. I think that by using some of the tips in this book you really can save as much as you can with couponing and for less effort and time! At only $9.99 this book is affordable too! You can get it in PDF format, for iPad or iPhone, and for Kindle. Just visit this site to check out the book, you can even click on the image in the middle of the page to read some samples from the book!

If you would like to order this book, click here! You can use credit cards or PayPal to pay, but just be sure not to close the page after you pay, since it goes straight to the order page from there! Happy reading, and happy going green!

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