Monday, August 6, 2012

App Review: Care4Teen keeps tabs on your teen's online activity!

I don't have teenagers yet, and I am NOT looking forward to when I do have teens. But, for those of you who do, this is a pretty cool app! Care4teen is an app that helps parents keep tabs on what their kids and teens are doing online. You can see what apps they download, what games they play and what websites they visit. 
The really cool thing about this app is that you can see also where your child is by the GPS montioring. This app also offers a safe web browser, and restrictions for launching applications. The best part about this app? It's FREE!!!! If you have teens or tweens in your house, you really do need this app to keep up with them! I am so thankful that I am not at this point yet!!! 
If you want to check out this app, click here! 

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