Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just found next year's birthday party!

So, we have a lot of birthday party issues. You guys know this. This year, it was the zombie party that got cancelled due to the 110 degree heat, followed by the pizza party place that was kind of a bust. Well, Tater had decided that next year, he wanted to have his birthday at a local laser tag place. Which was totally fine with me.... Until I checked the price! 

$24.99 PER KID???? Are you kidding me!? Sure, Tater, sweet dear, you can have your party here, just invite one child, honey! Yeah, right! So, I was off to find something else! 

And, find it I did! 

Do you know what this is? This is a Tiny Tag. Do you know what a tiny tag is for?? Wait for it...

A miniature game of LASER TAG!! I am not kidding, how cool is this!?
You order as many Tiny Tags as you need for the number of kids at your own laser tag party, and they each get their own Tiny Tag.

The Tiny Tag takes the place of the "gun" usually used in laser tag, and the kids use them to shoot the laser beams at each other.

Just read what the Tiny Tag website says about the product:

"Over 250,000 TinyTags have been sold. Tiny Tag has been seen on The Today Show, CBS News, TechNow, Tech TV and in hundreds of publications. And, according to Dan Dubno at CBSNews, "Your kids will, guaranteed, love playing with these..."

With TinyTag you can do bounce shots off the wall, floor, and ceiling to hit your opponent. Use your hand as a mirror and shot around corners. When you get hit, TinyTag peppers you with names like "Knucklehead, Lamebrain."
TinyTags come in three colors - black, green, and purple. The green and purple even GLOW-in-the-dark.  Use them at night to playflashlight tag.
TinyTag uses the same "child-safe" technology as a channel turner. It even works with your TELEVISION REMOTE. Press any button on your channel turner, point it at the TinyTag and the TinyTag will light up and call you a Loser. Now that's a cool trick!
They make great party favors. Batteries are included. When your package arrives you will have everything you need to begin playing lazer tag."

I absolutely LOVE this idea! I LOVE that they don't look like guns, and we won't have to be blowing each other's "brains everywhere" like usual! I love that they glow in the dark, and can be used for flashlight tag. I want to try to have a night time laser tag party for Tater's next birthday!  What I really love is that the Tiny Tag was created by a six year old! Just like my Tater! He really enjoyed that, when I told him a kid just like him made this awesome toy! Seriously guys, what a great idea is this? And, best part, 10 of them are only $50! Hmm, maybe I will be able to buy a cake for Tater's next party after all! ;)


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