Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Great Resource For Parents!

Today is one of those days that we are going to talk about a good resource for a bad problem, one that no one really wants to talk about. It is a great resource for families, and something we should all take the time to prepare for, even though no one wants to think about it. 

The website is and it is a great resource for families to guard against child abduction. Did you know that around 2000 children are abducted every SINGLE day? Most of these abductions take place in a park, store, or other public area. That is just an absolute crazy number to me, and I can't imagine how it would feel to be the parent of one of those kids. 

The Prevent Abduction website helps families in a variety of ways, from showing videos, helping you to order ID kits, and child locators. This site is just a plethora of information for all families, and it can really teach you a lot by visiting the site. I truly believe that every family should be educated in these types of situations and that every family should have an emergency plan in place. I highly recommend that you visit the Prevent Abduction site and research some valuable information for your family!

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