Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Skin Smoothy = Miracle Product?

Today I am really excited to share a super cool product with you guys. The product is called Prevention, from a company called Skin Smoothy and it is an acne cream unlike any acne cream you have ever seen before! 

Look at what this product can do: 

Here's what the folks at Skin Smoothy have to say about this product, called Prevention:

Daily Clear Skin Lotion
SkinSmoothy™  fights adult acne with a powerful synergistic blend of Amazon botanicals.  Studies show this blend reduces acne lesions by 72%, and sebum production by over 63%.    Deep from the harsh climate of the rainforest emerge some of the most healing plants on earth.    
Prevention delivers the legendary antioxidants of the acai plant for inflammation; andiropa for cellular regeneration, moisturization and balancing of oils; copaifera to kill acne bacteria and help skin heal with minimal scarring; willow for inflammation, sebum control and to kill acne bacteria.
This multi-functional formula also includes bio-active vitamins Complete C™ and Pro-A for all ages.
Turn oily and acne prone skin into a beautiful, healthy, natural complexion. 

 This sounds like a really great product and I would love to try it! I am 26 years old, and still have issues with my skin, especially around that time of the month! 

I love that the product is easy to use, only one step. After showering or cleaning your face, you just smooth one pump of the product onto your face. And it takes care of your whole face, not just your acne areas! 

If you are interested in ordering Prevention from Skin Smoothy, you can do so here!


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