Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique Review!

Usually when I am telling you guys about a great product or brand, it's for the boys. (Boo. they get everything.)

But, every great once in a while, I get to tell you guys about something great for us! (Moms, I mean..)

I found a great site called, and they have some really cute lingerie! 

Here is the product I got to review: 

This is the Peggy Chemise and Robe set, and I absolutely love it! 

It has been SO hot here, I mean really like 105 degrees, and this is absolutely perfect for those hot nights when my usual sweatpants are not an option! 

It is absolutely adorable, too! I love polka dots, and I like the fact that this set is casual and playful while still being sexy. 

It's made of satin and is really silky and soft, perfect for those summer nights when I have to go to bed with a sunburn. (Wait, what am I talking about, that's every night!)

That wasn't the only cute thing I found, though. They have some beautiful bridal lingerie, and even some really fun costumes! 

I mean, look at this pirate girl costume, and it even has a parrot purse!! Love it! 

Anyways, I am really loving this site, and I am going to be shopping here from now on! 

Check it out ladies, you won't be sorry! 


  1. Wow. Their designs are really adorable. I love them too. I also found many plus size clothing online that are really beautiful and fashionable. There are quite a lot of fabulous designs for plus size women nowadays compared before.

  2. ok i was poking around on their site and found my halloween costume! I wanna be snow white!! hehe =)


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