Monday, June 11, 2012

Okay, usually I am here to tell you guys about the best products, brands or companies that I have seen lately. But, today, I am going to be telling you guys about something a little bit different. Today I am going to be telling you about a super talented young actress that I think is going to be making a big splash in Hollywood and I bet she will soon be a household name! 

Sadie Calvano is only fifteen years old, but this girl has some serious talent! (And, as most of you know, my beautiful niece is named Sadie, so I am a bit partial to people named Sadie!) This girl has been acting since she was seven years old! She has starred on the show NCIS as well as appearing in the bio-epic "J. Edgar", which was directed by Clint Eastwood! She is absolutely gorgeous, and extremely talented! 

You can check out her website to find out a little more about her, and watch this hilarious clip from her ABC Family Pilot that she did with one of my favorite actresses, Jennie Garth! I just know that this girl is going to have a great career! Make sure to follow her on Facebook  and Twitter and see what she is going to be up to next!

I am serious, this girl has some real potential! I can't believe how young she is! I would never guess! She seems super mature and poised, and I know she will continue to be really successful! If you guys are interested in seeing more of her, make sure to check out her NCIS episode, this Wednesday, June 13th, @ 11pm on USA! I know I will be watching!

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