Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Child Is A Plumbers Worst Nightmare!

When you look at my sweet, innocent little Tater, you wouldn't automatically think: "Plumbers Worst Nightmare", but, you would be wrong. So very, very wrong. 

Two years ago, we had to completely dismantle a toilet thanks to that little love muffin. He actually got a hot wheel wedged in the toilet, down in the drain hole. It was a lovely sight. 

At first, hubs thought he could get it out with a simple plunger. Oh no, not this clog, daddy!

So off we went to the hardware store, and bought a $30 "Super Mega Plunger" (how awesome did we look walking out of there with that!?!) Surely that would work, right?? 

Oh no, not even a little tiny bit. 

Next came the pipe snake, to no avail. 

Finally, my dear sweet hubs unhooked the toilet, drug it to the front porch (Hello, neighbors!), and proceeded to turn it up and down, round and round and tried to get the hot wheels bus out from all angles. We used wire coat hangers, screwdrivers, broom sticks, anything we could think of! 

Last but not least, we used our bare hands (Yay!) to try to reach the toy. Even that was no use, no use at all.

Our beautiful, two month old toilet was done for. 

So off to the home improvement warehouse for a new potty! 

Kids. They are so lovely, but can do some really crappy ( Pun intended, hahahaaha!) things!

And, that my friends, is why my kid is a plumber's worst nightmare. 

The End.

This post was a sponsored post for my friends at Roto Rooter. Although it was a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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