Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Invitations from Invitation Box!

So, my boys' big birthday party is coming up in a couple of weeks. I must say, I am wayyyy further behind than I usually am! Seriously, I usually start planning their party like right after Christmas.

Can we say Mom Fail? 

This year, things have been so busy, so crazy, so hectic, that I haven't even had a chance to really think about their party. We usually have a giant bash and spend around $500 on the party alone, but this year, that is just not an option. Not to mention the fact that my oldest is turning into an ungrateful little... bad word, so we are taking it down a notch this year, with a small family party at my sister's house. No giant mouse place, no jumpy inflatable place, just some friends and family, cake and ice cream! The Horror! 

Well, it is time to get my self in gear, and I am looking for birthday invitations for the boys. When I found Invitation Box, I was thrilled! They have so many cute birthday invitations, no matter what theme I want to go with, they can do it! They can even print your kid's pictures on the invitations, which is really cute! But, I think this one is my favorite: 

Isn't it cute!? I absolutely love planning the boys birthday party, but now I am really getting excited for it, and I am now re-motivated to make it an awesome day! I am starting to realize that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a fun day. I am tired of trying to impress people that don't ever see my kids or me, and I am tired of paying for other people's kids to have fun! So, this year the plan is to save the money that we usually spend on a party and take the boys camping and to the zoo! How does that sound? 

Does anyone have any tips for a great, inexpensive birthday party? I am open to all suggestions and tips! Leave them in the comments for me to read and share!

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