Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kentucky Storm Victims Need Help.

Even if you don't live here in Kentucky, you probably are well aware of the horrible tornadoes that hit us on Friday of last week. It was a very scary ordeal for my family, even though we were spared from the worst damage in my area. I had to pack a bag for my boys and I, and head to my sister's house. We live in a mobile home, and staying here was not an option. Not when they are saying things like "Massive Tornado Outbreak", and you hear that The Weather Channel and Storm Chasers are in town. Not cool at all. 

But, by now, as we all know, it's over and gone. And the damage has been done. 

My heart is so sad for these people. I know that it could very easily have been my family. 

I have been trying to send clothing, toys, etc to the shelters, but they are now asking people not to send those things, and to only send cash and groceries. So, if anyone would like to donate, I am taking donations at my PayPal address: b.burton.859@gmail.com. I will take all donations to buy water, canned goods, etc for the storm victims to make sure they get what they need. If you are interested in helping, just use the PayPal address listed above. Thanks everyone!

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