Saturday, March 24, 2012

The absolute coolest toys ever!

I believe that every kid should have a rocking horse! When I was little, I had a tiny, plain, wooden rocking horse that I loved more than anything in the world! It was chewed on by dogs, drawn on with markers, and completely desecrated, but I loved it so much! 

Today's rocking horses are much, much different than the one I had growing up! The rocking horses from Stevenson Brothers are unlike anything I have ever seen! They have been making rocking horses for over 30 years now,and they are the best! They know what they are doing! 

They use traditional methods to custom craft each and every rocking horse that they make! They can be personalized and customized in any way you wish! Want your family crest engraved on the horse? Ok! How about a name, saying, etc? That's fine! 

I have literally never seen more beautiful toys than the ones that Stevenson Brothers make. These are truly collectible heirlooms that will stay in your family forever. 

The limited edition Rocking Zebra is unlike anything I have ever seen. It truly is so beautiful! 

But, perhaps the most beautiful and sweetest thing I have ever seen, is the Twins Horse. The idea behind it, is so touching, it actually made me tear up. 

Just take a look at what they have to say about the Twins Horse: 

"Being twins ourselves we designed the twins horse with the knowledge of the importance that twins play together. With these horses they can be in the same race side by side, no one wins no one loses.... Each twin has their own horse, and as they grow older and eventually move apart to start a family of their own they can take their horse with them. "

Have you ever heard something so sweet!?? I wish my boys were closer together in age so that I could get one of these for them!Here's a way to  find out more about  Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses.

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