Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Balance Bike For Beanie?

Riding a bike is a big deal to a kid. So, yeah, I dropped the ball on this one with Tater. The kid is almost six and still can't ride a bike. He is too sensitive, and every SINGLE time we try to teach him, he gives up and starts crying the first time that he falls down. Sigh. 

Now that Beanie is almost two, I have been thinking of getting him a  wooden balance bike to help him start off right. Balance bikes first started out in Europe, but they are getting popular here in the USA. Pretty much, you teach your kid to ride a bike without pedaling first. The balance bikes have no pedals and you just teach your kid to balance and there are no training wheels! This would have been SUCH a good thing for Tater. He is almost six and the only kid on our street who still rides with training wheels. But he refuses to learn.

I love the fact that little Beanie could learn to ride using a balance bike. They can weigh as little as seven pounds, so it wouldn't be too heavy for him to balance. I love the look of the Strider bikes, they really look like "real" big kid bikes, and he could feel right at home playing with his big brother and friends!

I found a great site called Balance Bikes 4 Kids with all kinds of great info about balance bikes and even reviews! I have been reading up and learning all about them! I am thinking of getting him one soon, and when I do, I will update you guys and let you know how it is working out for us!

If you are still in a shopping mood, check out this site if you are in the market for a Radio Flyer Tricycle!

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