Monday, January 2, 2012

Next Year, Christmas My Way!

Well, yall.. Christmas is over. I don't know about you guys, but as much as I love it, I am always happy to see it go. There's just so much pressure, you know? I really do enjoy the season and all that goes along with it, but it's the damn pressure that gets to me every year. 

My dear hubs and I have come to a consenus this year that NEXT year, we are going to do things differently. You would think that for people that have like ZERO family, this would be a low key time of the year. 

What made me really happy this year was that I got to stay home all day on Christmas day with my boys. The running back and forth from place to place finally stopped! That was something I was extremely grateful for!

Things I am tired of about Christmas, in no particular order:

  • Trying to cram a year's worth of visits with people into one, maybe two days during Christmas.
  • Spending the majority of the time with people I know for a  fact don't care about me or my kids, instead of the people who I know do. 
  • The awkward silences of being around said people
  • Buying thoughtful gifts for other people and their children and never hearing a genuine thank you. 
  • Constant incessant worrying about how I can juggle all of these commitments in the small amount of allotted time. 
  •  Realizing after Christmas is over that the people I truly do care about, I never got around to seeing. 
  • Negativity, excessive complaining and bitching, and all around horrible attitudes at any function that I attend. 
So folks, next year, here's the deal!

We are doing Christmas MY way! I am guess what, a GROWN UP now, and I have my own family! So, it's going to be MY rules!

We can have a get together, or open-house type day at OUR house. IF you wanna see me or my kids, you can stop by. If not, that's cool too. If you wanna spend the whole day with us, great! This way we will be able to see all of our favorite people!

We can have a low key meal, snack type stuff, or chili, etc.. The kids can play and watch Christmas movies. We can exchange gifts. Or not. That part is not important. I am going to actually enjoy myself next year, and not worry about everyone else!

How was your Christmas this year?

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  1. wow, it sounds like you had an... interesting (?) Christmas this past year. I hope your plans work out and u get your Christmas YOUR way this year. =)


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