Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got An App Question? The iMum has your answer!

If you are even a little familiar with technology, you know that there are TONS of apps out there, and some of them are great.. However, some of them are.. C.R.A.P! It is so hard to determine which ones are which, without having to filter through tons of them! 

Tater just got an iPod Touch for Christmas and he is now App-Obsessive.. However, I am so tired of downloading (and paying for!) what I think is going to be a great app, and then five minutes later he says "this is horrible, delete it!".. If only there was a place to find out which apps were worth my time, and money! 

Oh Wait! There already is! 
The iMum is a great blog dedicated to reviewing apps and telling you all about them! Here is a little info from her site: 

"The Australian-based blog ‘The iMum’, founded by an Apple enthusiast and mother of three, is a fresh and exciting new site dedicated to reviews on apps and products created for Apple devices such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac computer and offers helpful articles and interesting interviews, as well as free apps and regular product and promo code giveaways."
This site is great! I love the fact that all the app reviews I have been looking for are right here in one place! Now, I can just have a quick look at the iMum Site, and determine  whether or not I want to spend my money and time on yet another app! Love it! 
Click here to check out iMum today!  

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