Monday, December 26, 2011

Job Searching....

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I lost my job recently, and it was really hard to try and job search without an internet connection at home. Since my husband signed up for satellite internet at things have become much easier. One of my favorite websites to go to is On this particular site they aggregate job postings from all sorts of other websites. It’s kind of like, but instead of searching for flight or hotel deals, you are searching for jobs. It has been so helpful since now I don’t have to go to a million different websites to find what I am looking for. Using this site probably cuts my job searching and application time in half. Most companies these days have an online application system, which is great. It’s so much easier than driving around and filling out application after application by hand. Others allow you to apply be sending an email with a resume attached, and that is much easier too. Now that I am on track I’m hopeful that I will find a good job soon. I know it’s tough out there but hard work will pay off eventually.

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