Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Computer Accessories from Wintec!

Hi guys! I am so excited to tell you guys about a great company that I recently discovered! Wintec Industries makes a ton of great products, and I was lucky enough to get to try out some of their awesome computer accessories recently!

The products I got to try were from the Filemate Imagine series, and they are all so cute! I must say that I never really thought about accessorizing my computer, but now that I have, I love it! 

Look at this adorable notebook bag that we got to try! I love it! This particular one is designed for 15.6 inch notebooks and devices. It comes in tons of colors and patterns, from pink to green to black and white! I love the fact that you can personalize these to fit your mood or your favorite color! The inside of this bag is a super soft and fuzzy plush material to protect your computer from whatever life might throw at you! I love that it has a shoulder strap too, it's very convenient. I can't believe that I have never owned a notebook bag before! Now that I do, I have found myself taking my computer with me everywhere!

We also received this adorable mouse! This was my personal favorite item, I LOVE the pink and white design! This mouse is so easy to use, just plug it in and go! I love that it is lightweight and easy to store. You could stow it in your purse or your laptop bag and never know the difference! It also comes in a ton of colors and designs, which I love!

Check out my boys' favorite item! The Filemate Imagine Keyboard was a big hit around our house! I was a little surprised, since it is a kind of pinky/red color, but they loved the idea of having a different keyboard! I really liked the fact that the keyboard is flat, and low profile. The keys are really easy to type on and my boys were very happy with this keyboard. They don't want to ever use a regular keyboard again! They keep asking for the "cool keyboard", and I can't say that I blame them!

We also received one of these cute flash drives! I can't say much about this, since as soon as we opened the box, my hubs said "Oh, Yay, I have been needing this!" and ran away with it. But, that means it did it's job haha! As you can see, these come in a ton of cute colors, and are small and compact so you can take them anywhere!

Well, our family is very happy with our early Christmas present from Wintec! We have had a great time making our computer look awesome, and now the boys are even more excited to use it! LOL I have to fight them to let me have a turn now! 

You can find these adorable products at a ton of online retailers, but my choice will always be Walmart.com! Thanks again, Wintec! 

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample was received, all opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation.

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