Sunday, September 4, 2011

Duck Tape Review and Giveaway!!!

Oh, sweet jesus! Is there a better review and giveaway for a redneck country mama?!?! Growing up in a redneck family, I was raised with the important knowledge that Duck Tape can fix ANYTHING! (and believe me, we learned that from experience!!!)

One thing, I didn't know, however, is all the different kinds of Duck Tape that there are. If you are thinking of the silver/gray stuff, honey, you are so behind the times.. Are you ready for this? I am not sure if you are: 

Go Cats, baby! Do you know how exciting UK Duck Tape is to me!?!? I can fill my whole family's stockings with this! I am already dreaming of using it in Tater's room to "frame" up all his UK posters! 

We were lucky enough to receive an awesome Six Pack of different styles of Duck Tape! Let me show you some of the awesome kinds that we got: 

Let me just say, FREAKING OUT over Zebra Duck Tape! There are so many things I want to do with this!Look at some cool stuff I found that I wanna do:

LOVE it!

I am really excited about all this Duck Tape! They even have a Duck Tape Club that has all these awesome "ducktivities" that you can do with Duck Tape, and it tells you how step by step! Love it! And I thought Duck Tape was just for fixing every household problem known to man, LOL!!!

Well, yall get ready, because one lucky Flip Out Mama reader will win
an awesome six pack of Duck Tape, including the wonderful ZEBRA print! Yay!

We're gonna do this one with another easy entry, since I got a lot of positive feedback from the last easy entry that we did!

Mandatory Entry: 

leave a comment on this post and tell me either a crazy thing you have seen fixed with Duck Tape, or made with Duck Tape :) This should be interesting!

contest will end on 9/11/2011, at approx 11:59 pm est. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification, or an alternate winner will be chosen. I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own, and I received no monetary compensation.


  1. Well my husband says that duck tape can fix it all. When we had our last pool and it got a hole in it, Duck Tape, air mattresses, Duck Tape, My sons backpack, Duck Tape and so many more lol

  2. I will never forget my senior year of high school when girls tried making dresses out of duck tape- it was fascinating seeing some of the outcomes! But as for us personally, much like the comment above- my husband duck tapes EVERYTHING! Pools, water slides, pipes, you name it- it's probably got duck tape on it lol

  3. I have seen the purses made out of duck tape- I think they're just great. Very inventive and virtually impossible to ruin.

  4. My 2 sons and I made their Dad a green camo wallet completely from Duct Tape.

  5. they showed a contest for wedding dresses made out of duct tape on directv - crazy
    msboatgal at

  6. I remember my dad's truck door was held on with duck tape when I was little :)


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