Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Sweet Little Winners!

Do you guys know the reason I am always late announcing the winners? It's because, my dears, IF I announced the winners on time, you would all think that I was abducted and that someone had hijacked my blog. You all know I can NEVER post the winners in a timely fashion, it is just not me! 

So, anyways, here are a few winners for you!

(I have decided to stop posting the screen shot from with the winning number on it, for now anyways. It just takes too long, and I usually only get to blog in fifteen minute increments at a time! I will still save them all on my computer so if there is an issue, I can post them!)

The Winner of the Tonka Truck from Funrise Toys is: 
#80, Ericka! 

The winner of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Family Destinations Book is:

#13, Shari

And, last but not least, the winner of the Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats:

#19, Ashley!

Congrats to all my lovely winners! You should have emails waiting for you on how to claim your prize! More giveaways ending soon, so enter, if you haven't yet!

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