Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winners, Winners, Everywhere!

Lots of wonderful giveaways ending, and lots of wonderful winners to announce! This time I promised myself I wouldn't wait a hundred years to draw winners, so here we go! 

The winner of the Catalina Flip Flops from Flojos is: 

#6, Scottsgal! 

The two winners of the Domino's gift card giveaway are: 

#8, Holly
#12, Rebekah!
The winner of the Nomad Footwear giveaway is: 

#143, Mandy83

and, drumroll, please.... 

The winner of the awesome Voda Swimwear Swim Suit is

#87, Rebecca Williams! 

Congrats to all! 
You guys should have some emails from me in your inbox, so make sure to check your mail !

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