Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family Adventure Day! Old Fort Harrod State Park!

If you guys tuned in last week, we talked a little bit about day trips that are close to home (Central Kentucky)... 

So after that post, how could I not take them somewhere??? 

So we chose a place on the list, and that place was Old Fort Harrod State Park. 

After kicking myself in the ass Google Mapping it, and realizing that it was a whopping 22 minutes from our front door, I was shocked that we had never been before! 

Fort Harrod was settled in 1774, by James Harrod, and was the first permanent settlement west of the Alleghenies. 
Tater absolutely loved it!
He was really interested in the "cowboy houses", as he called them! 

We will definitely have to come back when the actors are there so he can see them too! 

(It is also impossible to get a decent picture of our family lol) 

Aside from The Bean being exceptionally heavy, it was fun! 

Well I am out of words for this post, So have some more pics! 

It was much fun for our first family adventure day! 

If you are interested in checking out even more great pictures of the awesome Osage Orange Tree at Old Fort Harrod, (and I know you are!) check out this great post from Sharon over at Hobbies On A Budget!

Have you ever been here with your family? Leave a comment below! I would love to see just how many families enjoy things close to us!

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