Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Ultra Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Ultra Concentrated Dawn participated in the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval evaluation process, which involves underwriting a standardized, in-home research project developed by the TwitterMoms team and executed by compensated members of the TwitterMoms evaluation panel. Only products that meet TwitterMoms acceptance criteria are awarded this seal.

I recently got the chance to review Ultra Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. I was very excited to review Ultra Dawn after hearing that it had received the Twitter Moms Seal of Approval. I knew it had to be a good product. 

I was very impressed with the cleaning power of Ultra Dawn. I usually use a generic brand dish liquid, whatever is on sale, and sometimes it feels like I have to use half of the bottle just to make enough suds. With Ultra Dawn, I only had to use a minimal amount to end up with a sink of hot, soapy, suds! I really liked that part, I didn't feel like I was wasting it all... 
I was very happy with the way Ultra Dawn cleaned our super greasy dishes. Our usual dish soap sometimes leaves like a filmy residue on our dishes, and I have to rinse them a million times, but not with Ultra Dawn. I only had to rinse them once, and there was no greasy film. All of the baked on mess came right off too. Very Impressive!

I was also happy with the fact that the Ultra Dawn was long lasting. One sinkful of soapy water lasted through all of my dishes! Usually I have to re-make the water in the middle of doing the dishes because the soap is gone. But this time, when I was done and let the water out, it was still full of soap! :) 

Thanks, Ultra Dawn, for making my most hated household chore a little less bad! :) 

I was provided with a sample product in order to conduct this review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was given.

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