Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Golf Shoes Are Hot: Who Knew?

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Secret about me: I like golf. Really, I do. I have been into golf for a couple of years now, since BD started playing. I really enjoy it and I like that it is an activity that we can do together. 
But, I do not like golf shoes. Ewww. 

I have always thought of golf shoes as frumpy, ugly things that old people wear. Until now. 
And, Golf Sneakers? I had no idea that they even existed. But I am glad they do! I can not wait to get some of these bad boys! 

Pretty bad ass for golf shoes, don't ya think? 

These cuties are the product of Eccos, a company that I just recently learned about. Ecco Shoes was started over 40 years ago in Denmark. The premise behind Ecco Shoes was that the shoe should fit the foot, and not the other way around. So the basic principle of Ecco Shoes is flexibility and comfort. I also love the sleek, clean designs they use in their footwear. 

They have some really awesome footwear, not just golf shoes, even though that is what they are famous for. They have some adorable fitness shoes that I think would be so comfortable! I love that they have modern, fashion forward shoes, without sacrificing comfort, which is really the most important thing.

I am asking BD to buy me a pair of Ecco's awesome golf shoes, and maybe even a pair for Tater. That's right, they even have kid's shoes! Check 'em out: 

To check out Ecco Shoes for yourself, click here.

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